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Dear Jane – 哪裡只得我共你 You & Me (Official Music Video)

Against All Odds: Entrepreneurship in North Korea

This entirely unique and compelling event will be about enterprises with mission to empower minorities and underprivileged community in North Korea.

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iPhone 電池老化未? 健唔健康 3 分鐘即 check – iphonebatterycheck – 電池檢測 – Ming – : 教學評測 – 應用秘技 : : 一站式即時科技新聞

iPhone 用耐咗舊電已經係咁襟?唔知幾時會打柴?用家除咗發現電池出現了毛病,拿去 Apple Store 給天才檢查或者去第三方維修店外,其實不妨先行自行檢測,check 下你部 iPhone 既電池既健康度,如果已經老化嚴重,最好先自行備

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Apple – Introducing AirPods

Silicon Valley Has an Empathy Vacuum

Silicon Valley seems to have lost a bit of its verve since the Presidential election. The streets of San Francisco—spiritually part of the Valley—feel less crowded. Coffee-shop conversations are hushed. Everything feels a little muted, an eerie quiet broken by chants of protesters.

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CNN Brings In the Social App Beme to Cultivate a Millennial Audience

With millions of people regularly tuning in to his YouTube video blogs every morning, Casey Neistat has a millennial fan base coveted by both marketers and media companies. Now, one of those big media outlets is bringing Mr. Neistat — and, it hopes, his youthful audience — in-house.

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What is the best platform to share knowledge online?

I recently conducted a one-month leadership development program at Harbinger Group. The program, dubbed BaseCamp 2010, addressed 40 participants drawn from the senior and mid-level ranks of the company.

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VC Funding Is Drying Up for Media Startups

As venture capitalists exercise more caution and place fewer bets, they’re leaving media startups behind. Venture funding to media-tech companies slid for the third consecutive quarter to $91.7 million, the lowest amount since mid-2013, according to data from industry researcher CB Insights.

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7 media startups to watch in 2016

Every year, The Next Web holds hundreds of interviews with young startups in order to shortlist the cream of the crop and invite them to Boost, our early-stage growth program at The Next Web Conference.

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Free Loops – Download Royalty Free Video Loops

We select 10 loops every day to give away for free. You can download today’s free loops if you register for an account. It’s quick and easy – do it now and download your free loops in 2 minutes! We have hundreds Pro loops. To help you find the ones you like, we create cool collections.

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Maneuvering a new reality for US journalism

Ordinarily, it is you who offer the rest of the world advice about press freedom, and the accountability architecture of democratic societies, so I understand that it may be strange to hear it coming back at you, but this will not be the last inversion that the election of Donald Trump delivers.

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Navicat is a series of graphical database management and development software produced by PremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd. for MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, SQLite, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server.

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Watch_Dogs 2 in Real Life《看門狗 2》真人版 [廣東話字幕] – Ubisoft SEA  – Ubisoft SEA

【2017農曆🐔年,真 · 港產經典重現!】你還記得梁寬嗎?


/ 顯示原圖 特朗普當選、 英國脫歐,除了反映全球化時代的怨氣,網絡世界的威力也終於被主流媒體正視,這也回應了本欄早前介紹過的「後真相時代」。然而,「後真相」這個剛入選牛津字典的「潮語」,並不能反映新

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Invest in the next unicorn 投資下隻獨角獸


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Republicans in Congress Say Trump Won’t Cool Relationship with Tech

As Silicon Valley comes to terms with Hillary Clinton’s loss, Republican lawmakers and tech entrepreneurs are rekindling relationships that will be key to pushing forward on hot-button issues like startup taxes and repatriation of overseas cash.

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Trump-Supporting CEO Kicked Out Of Y Combinator Startup Incubator

On the Friday after the US presidential election, Andrew Torba, CEO of, a social network favored by conservatives, was kicked out of Y Combinator, the influential Silicon Valley startup accelerator, for violating its harassment policy.

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Facebook to stop ads that target, exclude races

Companies that buy targeted advertising through Facebook can choose to exclude users with certain “ethnic affinities” from seeing ads. Newslook

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Thought control of robotic arms using the BrainGate system

How Ambi Climate rebounded from its failed crowdfunding campaign

Julian Lee of Ambi Climate speaks while interviewer Casey Lau of SoftLayer listens. We have written a lot about crowdfunding on Tech in Asia in the past, but few companies have had campaigns as bumpy as Ambi Labs.

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10 Steps to Becoming a Global Citizen

There is an emerging world community to which we all belong. The growing interconnectedness among people, countries, and economies means that there is a global dimension to who we are. The most positive way of responding to this is by pursuing a path of global citizenship.

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