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Most Firebase features are free forever, for any scale. Our four paid features have a generous free tier and two paid plans once you begin to grow.

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RTHK香港故事第18輯03:由春秧街說起 2011 12 26

Email Scheduler for Gmail – Send Emails Later

Schedule Gmail Messages and Send Them Later

Schedule Gmail Messages and Send Them Later

How To Use Facebook’s Power Editor To Publish Posts On Your Page



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邰正宵 – 深愛著你

Uber’s CEO doesn’t think self-driving cars will cost jobs, and he might be right

When Uber announced Thursday that it would begin offering rides in self-driving cars to customers in Pittsburgh, it caused a lot of consternation among people worried about job losses.

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粵語樂壇的鼎盛和卡拉OK文化曾聯手打造「港式K歌」的輝煌,但時移勢易,「港式K歌」不斷走下坡,到底為什麼? 編按:這個年代,香港疾呼本土,但在口號背後,不同形式的本土文化正悄悄流逝。 廣東歌曾是香港人的集

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Intel’s new Project Alloy is a wireless VR headset for ‘mixed reality’

Today, Intel announced a new virtual reality reference design it’s calling Project Alloy, a cordless system the company says contains everything you need to have a VR experience without extraneous components.

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Polyamorous relationships may be the future of love

As a child Franklin Veaux recalls hearing his school teacher read a story about a princess who had a tantalising dilemma. Two male suitors had been wooing her and she had to choose between them. Franklin wondered why she could not choose both. This early insight was revealing.

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Coding Boot Camps Attract Tech Companies

NEW YORK—In a graffiti-splashed classroom in lower Manhattan, students are learning to write computer code at a private academy whose methods and results have caught the eye of Silicon Valley and the Obama administration.

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Logitech’s new Pop Home Switch simplifies smart home control

Logitech has a new device called the Pop Home Switch, and it’s a bit different from their usual offerings. A company known for Universal Remotes encrusted with physical keys, touchscreen displays and all manner of interaction options is instead going for single-button simplicity.

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DBC執笠,告訴我們媒體是不可以這樣搞的!/徐少驊 – 主場博客


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Instagram CEO on Stories: Snapchat deserves all the credit

The one thing you never hear in Silicon Valley is an entrepreneur admit they copied someone else. Yet there in the headquarters of Facebook, the world’s most prolific product cloner, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom surprised me.

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Disney Mix | Official Launch Trailer

世道人生: 對一國兩制好大傷害

2016年08月05日 一周前,曾鈺成就選舉問題表示,法治是本港的基石,如果選管會要剝奪享有參選權的人參選,必須要有法理依據,若政府做法令市民覺得為阻港獨人士參選,「法律你可以擺埋一邊」,「呢

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The Blockchain Could Disrupt Everything׃ Goldman Sachs’ Jim Schneider

IoT – Cryptocurrency and Blockchain – Accenture Mobility

Tech Trends 2016: Blockchain: Democratized trust

Building the trust engine: How blockchain can transform the financial industry (and the world)

Meet Philips personal health programs (USA)

Uber wants me to pick up wheel chair riders TOO! #VLOG 169

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