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A Self-Sufficient Mind

In a quiet room, we can find stillness. And in that stillness, we can contemplate our own mind. What we often find is that the mind is very restless. It wants to take care of a thousand things, because it’s feeling some uncertainty and fear.

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Positive Feedback Loops

Let’s say you want to be more disciplined about your day … you might tell yourself, “I’m going to wake every morning, meditate for 15 minutes, plan my Most Important Tasks, and then get started and follow the plan. No doubts about it.”

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Relaxing with Chaos

There’s a big part of us that doesn’t like chaos: we want order and simplicity and feeling like we’re on top of things and doing things the “right” way.

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The Quest for Impact, Not Productivity

There once was a young man named Brabu, who discovered at a young age he had a superpower: he could make things move just by waving his hands. Brabu found delight in this at first, making sticks and leaves float in the air, playing wildly in the forests and ocean, the world was his playground.

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2021 Discomfort Challenges

This year (2021), I’m doing 40-day discomfort challenges, as a way to continue my training in falling in love with discomfort and uncertainty. I’ve been deepening into this training even more in the last 5 years.

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How to Do the Thing You’re Avoiding

Most of us have something on our task list we’re avoiding. Or a project we’ve been putting off. Think for a moment: what’s the task or project you’ve been avoiding lately?

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Reminder: 8 Practices to Get Still & Calm

These days, it’s always nice to have reminders to become present, to pause into stillness, and to calm ourselves down. Chaos rules most of our lives, and every reminder we get can be helpful.

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Create a More Spacious Life

Contemplating on how I want to live recently, I became clear in the last few months that I needed to create more space in my life. My life is full, which is a wonderful thing — I have lots of people in my life who care about me, want to spend time with me, want to work with me. Amazing!

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14 Lessons Learned from Fearless Mastery

In the last 6 months, my team and I have been working to support a group of fearless leaders in our Fearless Mastery mastermind program. And they have been breathtaking.

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How to Be More Present & Alive in the Moment

One of the people in my Fearless Mastery mastermind group is an amazing leader who is exceedingly good at getting things done and leading a team. Her entire life is filled with doing, and she’s so good at it.

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The Subtle Power of Changing Your Identity

One of the most powerful switches I ever made when changing my entire life was switching up my identity.

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Clear Things Out

I’ve recently reminded myself of the value of dedicating some time to just clearing things out. It’s a simple truth that wherever things can accumulate, they will. Emails pile up, clutter piles up, read later list piles up, small admin tasks build up like cruft.

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Staying Connected to Meaning in Your Work

For anyone trying to do meaningful work, feeling connected to that meaning can be a big challenge. It turns out, even if you can stay focused on your meaningful work for most of the day … it’s easy to lose connection to why it’s meaningful. To why you care about doing this in the first place.

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Be a Hell Yes to Life

So often, we reject the experience in front of us. It’s usually out of habit, from not wanting this particular experience, not liking the discomfort or uncertainty … or really not liking the fact that we aren’t going to get what we want.

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What’s the Most Loving Thing You Can Do?

The question I’ve been asking myself lately, before I do anything, is a deceptively simple one: “What’s the most loving thing you can do in this situation?“ Now, that might sound corny to some of you, might seem irrelevant to most of you. But give me one minute of your time to explain.

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A Roadmap to Overcoming Insecurities

There isn’t a person amongst us who doesn’t have insecurities — some are just better at dealing with them, or perhaps hiding them.

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