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Microsoft said to halt new orders from Huawei

The two major areas of business between Huawei and Microsoft – Windows operating systems for laptops and other content-related services – have both been suspended.

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Introducing Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram Windows Apps

There are many people using Facebook, Messenger and Instagram on Windows, so today we’re excited to rollout Windows 10 Apps for Facebook and Messenger on desktop and Instagram on mobile. These new apps will load quickly and easily within Windows and have the most up-to-date features.

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Randi Zuckerberg

Founder & CEO at Zuckerberg Media

Inbox Zero 的意思,就是「所有電郵都已讀,或處理好,又沒人再寄任何電郵給我。」


Like cleaning out your home, clearing out your inbox feels great – like you’ve cleared your debts, decluttered your existence, and you no longer owe anyone anything. You can breathe a bit easier. At least for a minute or so, until another email comes in, and you’re no longer at inbox zero.


  • Unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters or sites you may have accidentally subscribed to by forgetting to uncheck that pesky box when you created an account on the site.
  • Remove yourself from any groups, lists or coupon sites that send you messages every day. A message a day will clutter up your inbox rapidly and you can very easily search for coupon codes and discounts online, even without the daily email barrage.
  • Create filters and folders that will automatically sort your messages as they come in.
  • Turn off email notifications: do you need to get an email every time someone tags you in a photograph, or about every single flight deal heading to Hawaii? Go to the various websites you have profiles on, go to settings, and opt out of email notifications.


1) Emails that you hate having to say no to.

A colleague asking for a favor or an introduction. A family friend asking if you can pass their resume along. An organization asking you to sponsor their event.

  • Consider having a friend or colleague draft a response for you. Sometimes it’s easier for someone who isn’t emotionally tied to the response to craft a reply.
  • I encouraged everyone on the team to create a folder called “It’s okay to say no” – I was having a lot of guilt saying no to people and was letting requests pile up in my inbox.

2) Messages that aren’t urgent, but will need a reply in the future.

I made a folder called “People to reconnect with” because I found I was saving emails in my inbox from people who I eventually wanted to respond to, but didn’t need to email back right away. This cleared out a lot of space.

3) Emails that make you feel good, but don’t warrant a response.

I created a “Go me!” folder — I know that sounds shallow, but there are so many bad vibes online sometimes that it’s important to have a pick-me-up folder of positive vibes from people that you can look at when you’re having a bad day.





其實還有一派,他們相信即使喬布斯健健康康,不退下來,蘋果的好戲還是唱不了多久。這些蘋果大淡友,篤信歷史的周期性循環,他們的理論大概是這樣:在 1977年,蘋果創造了個人電腦 Apple II,這是第一部商業上取得成功的個人電腦,除了曾經是年收入逾 10億美元的業務, Apple II亦間接啟蒙了電腦遊戲和教育軟件行業,開拓了個人電腦的桌面運算的時代。之不過,擅於創新,卻不等於必定是最後贏家。

在 1981年, Microsoft夥同 IBM,跟隨蘋果的步伐,踏進個人電腦的領域。往後的日子, Microsoft奠定了個人電腦的標準,憑藉 Windows,進駐全球的家庭和企業,而蘋果方面,後來的 Mac桌面電腦縱然叫好,卻不叫座,市佔率維持 5%以下,遠遜於其他支持和採用 Windows的個人電腦品牌。

2007年,桌面運算到流動運算,喬布斯捲土重來,創造了 iPhone,同樣顛覆許多行業,產品甚至被《時代》雜誌選為年度最佳發明,凡此種種,都有當年 Apple II的影子。

眾所周之,蘋果並非沒對手, Google依着 Windows當年的方程式對付蘋果:建立最普及最開放的平台,讓任何軟件開發者,可專心做軟件開發。與此同時,更借助、聯合其他手機生產商的力量,對抗集平台、終端設備於一身的蘋果。

蘋果淡友都相信, Android就是下一個 Windows,無論喬布斯是否退出都好,歷史將會再重演,最後贏家總不會是蘋果。

ZDNET: Android the next Windows 95?


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