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This is why Microsoft is buying LinkedIn for $26.2 billion

You know all that annoying spam you get in your inbox about people you don’t really know moving to new positions at companies you’ve never heard of? Well, those emails come from Microsoft now. The company announced on Monday morning that it is acquiring LinkedIn for a whopping $26.

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Microsoft is about to add LinkedIn to its professional network

Microsoft is buying LinkedIn for $26.6 billion, a deal in which one of the world’s biggest social networks will join a software and computing giant as it tries to lengthen its reach in online services.

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The Microsoft LinkedIn Deal: What it means for advertisers

While much of the talk about Microsoft’s plans to buy LinkedIn for $26.2 billion in cash, announced Monday, has focused on beefing up its cloud business, there’s much to be considered for advertisers, particularly B2B advertisers.

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Why is Microsoft buying LinkedIn?

Microsoft just surprised the world with its LinkedIn acquisition. Valued at $26.2 billion, it’s a huge price to pay for a social network, and it tops the charts as Microsoft’s biggest-ever acquisition.

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Here’s Microsoft CEO’s letter to employees about the $26 billion LinkedIn acquisition

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella just weighed in on why the company decided to buy LinkedIn for a whopping $26.2 billion in cash—and no, it had nothing to do with spam email.

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Microsoft is buying LinkedIn, but what’s the real motive?

The news resounded in an echo chamber this morning. Microsoft is buying the most well-known and useful social network for business, and it’s quite an earth-shattering deal. They’ll pay $26.2B in cash or $196 per share.

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