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當在家工作成新常態 (黃岳永)

本文作者黃岳永為香港科技大學副教授兼高級顧問(創業),為《信報》撰寫專欄「科網人語」。 如今WFH或者SFH(在家學習,Study From Home)已經不再是短期措施,而是生活新常態。(Freepik 網上圖片) 剛剛收到大學通知,因疫

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How to Successfully Start a New Job While Working Remotely

It’s hard to think of any professions that haven’t been impacted by the COVID-19 global pandemic.

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香港WFHF狂想曲 (高天佑)

本文作者高天佑,為《信報》撰寫專欄「新聞點評」,此為節錄版本,原文請按此。 全世界被迫進行WFH大實驗,起碼在短時間內,大部分文職工作確實可以居家遙距處理。(Freepik 網上圖片) 林肯講過:「你可以蒙騙所有人一

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Social Communication

Automattic has been a fully distributed company from day one: it allows us to hire globally, it’s efficient, and sustainable. We believe it’s the future of work. Because open source is a core principle of our company, we’re sharing what we’ve learned about remote work over on Distributed.

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