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What is Web3? Here Are Some Ways To Explain It To A Friend

Since Web3 emerged in 2014 as a term to describe the new types of protocols that enable decentralized consensus, it has now come to describe an entire ecosystem of public blockchains, applications, and even design philosophies.

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My first impressions of web3

Despite considering myself a cryptographer, I have not found myself particularly drawn to “crypto.

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Jack Dorsey’s hot Web3 takes are apparently too much for Marc Andreessen to handle

Filed under:The venture capitalist blocked the former Twitter CEO, and Dorsey said he’s now ‘banned from Web3’ Who knew that leaving the top spot at Twitter could make someone a more interesting follow? The co-founder and (for the second time) former CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey recently opened

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Web3/Crypto: Why Bother?

One thing that keeps surprising me is how quite a few people see absolutely nothing redeeming in web3 (née crypto). Maybe this is their genuine belief. Maybe it is a reaction to the extreme boosterism of some proponents who present web3 as bringing about a libertarian nirvana.

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Why it’s too early to get excited about Web3

There’s been a lot of talk about Web3 lately, and as the person who defined “Web 2.0” 17 years ago, I’m often asked to comment. I’ve generally avoided doing so because most prognostications about the future turn out to be wrong.

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Web3 vs Web2

Now that we are beginning to see what consumer applications are like in the decentralized web (web3), it is interesting to compare that to what consumer applications are like in the centralized web (web2).

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