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雖然我在fb page寫,一日川普未放棄入稟挑戰選舉結果,或相關挑戰未被法院駁回且不能上訴,我仍不會稱拜登已當選美國總統,但現實是川普可翻盤的機會甚低(而我也不認為這次大選有大規模舞弊)。也是時候看看拜登治下

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美國衰落?從獨立到崛起,伴隨美國 200 餘年的憂患意識

「美國民主末日」、「美國世紀落幕」、「美國時代告終」諸如此類的標題,近來散見各大美國報章評論,彷彿美國大勢已去。美國史學家 Maurizio Valsania 文章卻提醒,早在美國獨立之初、還未榮登世界霸權之時,輿論已經憂心

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【CUP】陶傑:重新定左右 (356)

為甚麼美國精英和華爾街、矽谷和學術界都仇恨杜林普?正如 30 年代,以南京上海為基地的民國政府討厭毛澤東。

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How to Prevent Social Media’s Editorial Role From Becoming Censorship of Speech

While you can quibble with the details, the social platforms did the right thing in initially limiting the distribution of last week’s New York Post article on Hunter Biden. As others have noted, in the wake of the 2016 election, platforms like Facebook and Twitter were forced to make certain …

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Startups Weekly: What countries want your startup?

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FAAMG搶H-1B簽證招才 去年共批2.7萬份 亞馬遜申請稱冠


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China urged to step up research in AI race with the US

China risks a catastrophic loss in competitive advantage to the US in AI if it does not invest more in basic research, according to Peking University professor Wang Liwei.

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China, Leverage, and Values

Tim Culpan declared at Bloomberg that The Tech Cold War Has Begun after the Trump administration barred companies viewed as national security threats from selling to the U.S., and blocked U.S. companies from selling to Huawei specifically without explicit permission. Culpan writes:

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Chinese investors turning away from U.S. startups

Chinese investors are increasingly turning away from U.S. tech startups and diverting money towards companies in Southeast Asia and India in the face of bilateral tensions, according to Edith Yeung, partner at Proof of Capital and advisor to 500 Startups.

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FCC chairman opposes China Mobile bid to provide U.S. services

FILE PHOTO: Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission Ajit Pai speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) at National Harbor, Maryland, U.S., February 23, 2018.

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Trump administration to unveil big 5G push

President Trump and his top telecom regulator will announce plans today to unleash the largest-ever swath of radio frequencies in the U.S. and a $20 billion fund to help wireless companies to keep pace with global rivals — specifically China — in the 5G race.

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Funding Friday: Math In America

Did you know this? Well, this film that is being funded on Kickstarter is all about the math crisis in America. I backed it this morning and you can too.

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美5G實力一年追貼中國 齊冠全球

原文刊於信報財經新聞 有報告預計,2020年全球40個國家將有80間電訊商推出5G服務。(法新社資料圖片) 5G競賽帷幕正式拉開,有調查顯示中美實力叮噹馬頭,兩國今年在準備程度上並列全球首位。美國無線通訊和互聯網協會

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兩強對決陰霾密布 習主席口誤惹猜疑

一、 去周《經濟學人》以「危機四伏的中美對抗」(China vs America: A dangerous rivalry)為主題,封面圖像以美國「國鳥」禿(白頭)鷹嵌入龍首,非常生動切題且彰顯了龍的威猛!自從特朗普政府「主催」啟動這場中美貿易戰之後

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