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COVID-19: Police break up 150-strong wedding at north London school

The organiser is now facing a £10,000 fine for breaching COVID-19 regulations following the event at Yesodey Hatorah Senior Girls’ School in Stamford Hill on Thursday evening, the Met Police said.

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Covid-19: Boris Johnson signals UK lockdown could continue mid-year

The UK’s third coronavirus lockdown looks set to endure as the government warned it’s too early to contemplate easing restrictions.

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Piers Morgan berates Tory MP over UK’s Covid-19 death rate

A reminder that we are now roughly 10 months into this pandemic A Tory minister has claimed that it is too early to make international comparisons on Covid-19 death rates, as the United Kingdom became the country with the worst death rate in the world from the virus.

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The new evidence about schools spreading Covid-19

Widespread claims that schools are primary drivers of Covid outbreaks have been undermined by a new study that suggests children aged under 15 are about half as likely as adults to catch and spread the coronavirus.

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Swathes of England’s vital flood defences ‘almost useless’

Thousands of England’s vital flood defences were in such a state of ruin last year they would fail to protect communities from extreme weather, an investigation has found.

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NHS ‘threatens legal action’ against vaccine centre staff offering jabs to friends and family

NHS ‘threatens legal action’ against vaccine centre staff offering ‘leftover’ jabs to friends and family to stop them being wasted at the end of the day Senior NHS sources have threatened legal action against vaccine centre staff offering ‘leftover jabs’ to their relatives and friends who do not fa

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港創科人移英拓生意版圖 BNO月底准申居留 靠創新可領簽證


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深入淺出 深度睇英國屋的結構 拆開整間屋來睇 電及暖氣



Whatsapp: +44 161 818 6288 (

Facebook: 英獅物業 Lion Rock

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[英國][收樓] 終於收到鎖匙喇 23/1/2021

#英國 #收樓 #二手屋





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UK startup that eliminates ‘subscription fatigue’ raises €200K on Crowdcube in 48 hours

UK-based Together Price is a leading digital identity platform that helps manage group subscription plans. The platform, which tackles growing subscription fatigue around digital subscriptions is among a new wave of startups that has exceeded its crowdfunding target.

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Big firms to pay small companies within 30 days

The UK will strengthen its Prompt Payment Code (PPC) to push larger firms to pay small businesses quickly. Under the changes, large companies that have signed up to the code must pay small businesses within 30 days instead of 60.

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‘Selfish’ lockdown flat party caught out after posting selfies on Instagram

The actions of a group of party-goers have been described as ‘disgusting’ after they posted videos on social media of them popping bottles inside an apartment.

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Leading UK banks refusing to provide mortgages to self-employed workers if they took out Covid loans

Leading UK banks are refusing to provide mortgages to self-employed workers if they took Covid loans or income grants despite being told by the Government and banking watchdog that the payments would not affect their credit ratings.

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Coronavirus: how many people need to be vaccinated to get life back to normal?

Who is the richest person in the world?

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8 個新手英國買樓投資分析技巧 (6)|第六堂:二手物業買賣流程概要


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英國買樓深度詳解 6 部曲|第 2 步:選對地區是成功買樓關鍵


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英國買樓深度詳解 6 部曲|第 3 步:房屋選擇


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Black-led mentor programme launched in Bristol

Founders of Bristol project Rise2 Inspire, Lynn Mareno and Sandra Gordon, will work with 12 mentors and mentees over a year. The free scheme, aimed at BAME entrepreneurs, launches on 14 January.

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Government reforms make it easier and cheaper for leaseholders to buy  their homes 

Millions of leaseholders will be given the right to extend their lease by a maximum term of 990 years at zero ground rent, the Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick has announced today (7 January 2021).

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All schools to close from tomorrow, Boris Johnson announces, putting summer exams in doubt

In a televised statement from Downing Street, the prime minister acknowledged that the closures mean it will not be “possible or fair” for all exams to go ahead as planned this summer.

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居住在英國 – 駕駛篇


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英國購買房屋 之 水災


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12月30日,最新的Tier抗疫級別的列表,基乎全英格蘭被列為Tier 4

英國政府再對各城市進行Tier標準評核,根據最新感染數字,英國中部、東北和西南部將要被升級至第四級(Tier 4)抗疫指數。此外亦有城市需要進入Tier 3 ,全部升級行動在12月31日00:01正式開始。

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Return to school: When are children due to go back to classrooms?

Plans for when schools will reopen following the Christmas break differ across the UK amid the fast-spreading variant of COVID-19. Primary schools in all of London’s boroughs and some of those in Essex, Kent, East Sussex, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire will not reopen until 18 January.

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The most dangerous places to live in England and Wales revealed as crimes including robbery and sex offences ranked

THE most dangerous places to live in the UK where residents are most at risk of theft, sex crimes and violent attacks can be revealed today. Sun Online analysis of the the latest government figures reveals where you are most at risk of becoming a victim of crime in England and Wales.

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申請中學時間表 (Year 7)

以下, 是申請中學 Year 7 的Timeline (每年的日子可能有一點出入, 不同Council 的日子也可能有出入, 以下為參考日子, 詳情請查詢所屬的Council) 不知自己的地址所屬的Council, 或不知Council 網頁, 可以在以下政府網頁查詢

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One in five Brits say they want to start a business in 2021

One in five UK adults say they want to start a business in 2021. That figure rises to over one third (34 per cent) of 18 to 34-year-olds.

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英國教育系列 — 早期教育及托兒 Early Education & Child Care


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