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原文刊於信報財經新聞 Twitter表示,用戶有權知道哪些傳媒是受到政府影響。(法新社資料圖片) 美國社交網站Twitter周四宣布即將推出多項新措施,以加強限制國家附屬媒體的資訊在平台內流通。Twitter表示,將會為有關賬戶

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Twitter says staff can continue working from home permanently

Earlier today, Jack Dorsey sent an email to Twitter staff, notifying employees that they will be able to  continue working from home as long as they see fit.

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Coronavirus Clarity

Apple and Google, who last Friday jointly | announced new capabilities for contact tracing coronavirus carriers at scale, released a new statement yesterday clarifying that no government would tell them what to do. Or, to put it in the gentler terms conveighed by CNBC:

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Josh Constine on Trump Ad

Facebook’s new Ad Library reveals Trump’s personal Fb Page has spent $10 million on Fb ads since May 2018

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Almost 48 million Twitter accounts are bots

The pattern repeated itself last Saturday when Trump accused President Obama of surveilling him with a wiretap. Democrats responded in lockstep: If he was indeed plotting and aiming to distract, what was he trying to distract from?

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Twitter tries to explain itself – again! – via a new marketing campaign aimed at attracting users

Do you have to tweet to use Twitter? Is Twitter a social network? Many people still think so because the company has failed to properly position itself – and its broader use cases – to the general public throughout the years.

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Twitter bans conservative writer Milo Yiannopoulos for good, while cracking down on abuse

Milo Yiannopoulos, a conservative writer who once crashed a White House press briefing to ask the government about Twitter’s enforcement of its own rules against him, was permanently suspended from Twitter on Tuesday night.

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Twitter cofounder Biz Stone launched a startup, then pivoted it, and now he’s launching the original idea all over again

JellyIn 2013, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone and former Twitter executive Ben Finkel set out to launch a startup called Jelly. It was supposed to be a combination of Google and Quora.

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The Twitter Contradiction – AVC

So everyone around here knows I’m bullish on Twitter and we own a lot of stock. So take all of this in that context please. I just don’t understand the narrative around Twitter. “It is in trouble. It isn’t growing. It’s time has come and gone. The kids all use Snapchat and Instagram.

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