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Josh Constine on Trump Ad

Facebook’s new Ad Library reveals Trump’s personal Fb Page has spent $10 million on Fb ads since May 2018

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Almost 48 million Twitter accounts are bots

The pattern repeated itself last Saturday when Trump accused President Obama of surveilling him with a wiretap. Democrats responded in lockstep: If he was indeed plotting and aiming to distract, what was he trying to distract from?

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Twitter tries to explain itself – again! – via a new marketing campaign aimed at attracting users

Do you have to tweet to use Twitter? Is Twitter a social network? Many people still think so because the company has failed to properly position itself – and its broader use cases – to the general public throughout the years.

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Twitter bans conservative writer Milo Yiannopoulos for good, while cracking down on abuse

Milo Yiannopoulos, a conservative writer who once crashed a White House press briefing to ask the government about Twitter’s enforcement of its own rules against him, was permanently suspended from Twitter on Tuesday night.

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Twitter cofounder Biz Stone launched a startup, then pivoted it, and now he’s launching the original idea all over again

JellyIn 2013, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone and former Twitter executive Ben Finkel set out to launch a startup called Jelly. It was supposed to be a combination of Google and Quora.

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The Twitter Contradiction – AVC

So everyone around here knows I’m bullish on Twitter and we own a lot of stock. So take all of this in that context please. I just don’t understand the narrative around Twitter. “It is in trouble. It isn’t growing. It’s time has come and gone. The kids all use Snapchat and Instagram.

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Introducing Video on Instagram from Instagram on Vimeo.


  1. It’s no accident Facebook made Instagram’s new videos exactly as long as a television commercial
  2. Instagram Video Vs. Vine: What’s The Difference?
  3. Instagram Launches 15-Second Video Sharing Feature, With 13 Filters And Editing
  4. Instagram finally gets video: is 15 seconds too much? (hands-on)
  5. Facebook launches new Instagram video stabilization feature ‘Cinema’

Breaking: LinkedIn Forget To Pay For Domain Renewal

When I trying to visit LinkedIn this morning as usual, this screen come out…

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 10.54.33 AM

It seems like LinkedIn DNS has been hijacked, here’s an update from berg

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 11.10.12 AM

LinkedIn just got DNS hijacked, and for the last hour or so, all of your traffic has been sent to a network hosted by this company []. And they don’t require SSL, so if you tried to visit, your browser sent your long-lived session cookies in plaintext.

Check out the latest official announce from LinkedIn’s twitter account:

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 11.43.21 AM

印象中,Facebook 推出新產品的 Track Record 不太理想。無論係 Graph Search,還是係 Facebook home,以 Facebook 的雄厚實力而言,至今 User Acquisition 的成績實在不及格。

換上 Instagram,表面上係不同的兩個 Internet Brand,內裡其實係同一家公司,結果又如點?

大家好快就知,因為這兩日,Instagram 好可能會推出短片產品,發佈地點係 Facebook 總部:

  • The new video product is something that the service said it was planning to do for two years now.
  • In a sense, video on Instagram is not a complete surprise. After the rise of products like Viddy and Socialcam last summer, many have expected some sort of mobile video offering from either Facebook or Instagram.
  • Facebook has gone after competitors in the past with varying degrees of success. Poke has been a spectacular flop. Same with the Quora-like Facebook Questions, and the very Foursquare-ish Facebook Places.
  • In other words, just because Facebook is aping your product, doesn’t mean you’re gonna get crushed.

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Ilya Pozin:10個助你業務躍升的Apps


Ilya Pozin

Founder of Ciplex. Columnist for Inc, Forbes & LinkedIn. 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur.

1. Evernote

Ideas can spring up any time and place. Evernote is a handy app to “Remember Everything.” It allows users to store, organize, and share text, photos, and voice notes–a great tool for entrepreneurs looking for more ease in tracking their brilliant ideas.

2) Google Drive

Google’s new Drive app is a fully-featured office suite, allowing users to seamlessly import and edit files from PC to tablet to smartphone.This software also acts as a full cloud drive, letting you store any file type via a virtual drive app or the Web interface. Google apps are the top choice for small businesses in regard to webmail, and this new feature will get you a nice 5GB of storage for free.

3) FormMobi

Fielding and distributing data on your mobile device is being made easier with help from FormMobi. This apps acts as a “virtual clipboard” for your phone. If you’re filling out forms on-the-go, this app will allow you to do it with ease. Users can also record audio, take pictures, collect signatures, and create CAD-quality sketches.

4) Bump

Ditch your traditional business cards for this revolutionary networking app. Bump users can trade contact information, photos, and files by simply “bumping” two smartphones together. Since its inception in 2008, the app has garnered over eight million monthly users and 27 million downloads.

5) TripIt

The power of an itinerary can only be truly understood by someone who’s had to make three connecting flights and rent a car on the same day. If this sounds like you, taking advantage of the TripIt app will allow you keep track of trip arrangements in one unified place. The app also gathers weather updates, maps, and directions to make traveling a breeze.

6) LocalVox

Do you run a brick and mortar businesses and are currently looking to build your brand online? LocalVox’s service enables owners to publish news, events, and deal announcements with a click-of-a-button across many online channels, including social media, websites, local directories, and email newsletters. It also boosts your online presence through optimizing organic search and Google Places listings.

7) Expensify

Managing finances is never fun. Fortunately, the Expensify app will allow you to keep track of business expenses and mileage, while letting you scan and upload receipts. With just one click of a button, users can even file receipts by trip and submit expense reports to employers.

8) Asana

This simple and intuitive alternative to complicated work management software has been billed as a “collaborative information manager.” Users can not only manage work projects, but also personal projects and events in one easy-to-navigate interface.

9) InDinero

Created in 2010 by two university students, Jessica Mah and Andy Su, InDinero is an easy way to keep track of business cash flow and manage day-to-day finances. This popular Web app will sync up your bank accounts and credit cards to help you predict future cash flows based on trends.

10) Square

This powerful app is is transforming the way we transact by empowering anyone with a smartphone or tablet to easily accept credit card payments. The beauty of Square is that there are no sign-up or monthly fees. Instead, the service takes 2.75 percent of each transaction. The wildly popular app was founded by the creator of Twitter in 2010.

Ryan Holmes:對MBA說不的3個理由



Ryan Holmes

CEO at HootSuite

1. MBAs no longer make sense financially. 

MBA students in 2012 paid 62 percent more in fees compared to those in 2005. A two-year MBA at an established school like Harvard or Columbia may well cost you around $150,000.

2. MBAs are no longer the best way to network.

Now, anyone can connect with people all over the world using professional social networking sites like LinkedIn. Even Facebook and Twitter are proving to be tools for connecting with valuable allies and business partners.

3. MBAs are not as exclusive or prestigious anymore.

It’s just that the degree no longer offers the same value it once did. The new business landscape—thanks in part to the Internet and social media—grants innovative, entrepreneurial and ambitious people all sorts of new opportunities, without the degrees.



@Ryan Seacrest

playing with @twitter‘s new music app (yes it’s real!)…there’s a serious dance party happening at idol right now

Twitter Tests Music App With Celebrities, Wide Launch Next Week – Peter Kafka – Media – AllThingsD.

Jason Mraz 至撐 Startup?

jason mraz

fans影相,以最新單曲I won’t give up為題,upload去Instagram,再由Jason Mraz選出25張,在畫廊展出,同時會見fans。

來自菲律賓的Startup是twitmusic,是基於Twitter的Social Music服務,使用Twitmusic,音樂人可以在幾分鐘內,以Twitter上傳和分享作品。

Tour is a Four Letter Word.




以 Twitter創辦人 Jack Dorsey為例,這位獲選為 TR35(即 35歲以下的傑出創新者,其餘獲選者包括 Google和 facebook的創辦人),其成名絕技為簡約、約束和精巧三條準則,基於以上的理念,結果 Dorsey創造了 Twitter和 Square那樣成功的產品和公司。事實上,跟創業型領袖一樣, Dorsey奉行精簡管治哲學,控制目標數量,然後在每個必要的環節上做好完美:「 Make every detail perfect and limit the number of details to perfect」。這裏所說的完美,是真真正正專注做好一件事情,就像 Steve Jobs設計的產品,就算多了一口螺絲,也絕不妥協。







最近開始忙於跟進某產品的Launch Campaign,預算竟然比想像中多好幾倍,理論上除了「穩陣」宣傳方法之外,我們也可以作一些新嘗試,這使我聯想了起近期頗為熱門的Blogger Event。



坦白講,個人認為不管是blog還是twitter,尤其在香港,暫時而言極其量是一種達到良好SEO(Search Engine Optimization)效果的便利方法,實質的營銷效果和影響力,相比起一般的傳統媒體還是有所不及。

相對於blog和twitter等新興2.0社群媒體,事實上我們經常嗤之以鼻的1.0電訊商和電視台,諷刺地卻有非常實在的影響力,不說別的,例如流動網絡商簡單一個SMS Push,例如cctvb晚上黃金檔廣告時段,一瞬間便有數十萬人甚至數百萬人收到訊息。


好多時候,marketers其實真係唔介意比錢,例如google adwords和banner ads,最緊要媒體/平台可以某程度上有實際效果的保證,不管是eyeball、traffic還是visitors。

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