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Groupon Singapore founder is back, yet again, with a new startup

Chris Chong, co-founder of SumoStory. Seven years ago, Chris Chong and his brother Karl went door-to-door in Singapore’s Chinatown to sign skeptical merchants onto Beeconomic, their Groupon clone. Soon, Groupon itself came a-knocking, buying their business for millions.

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How Journalism Became a Dirty Word

No trend has reshaped the media landscape more dramatically than the open web

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What Can We Learn From the Desks of Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg?

How a person leaves their office desk can tell you a lot about them.

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Brazil’s Nexo Jornal sticks to its founding principles: Explanatory journalism, subscribers, and no ads

Brazil is facing a political crisis, and news organizations are facing down a torrent of breaking news as corruption scandals spanning the last several Brazilian presidents continue to roil the country.

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The Local News Business Model

It’s hardly controversial to note that the traditional business model for most publishers, particularly newspapers, is obsolete.

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Amazon launches ‘Subscribe with Amazon,’ a marketplace for digital subscriptions

Amazon has made headway in the subscription business with its Subscribe & Save feature for consumers, which offers discounted pricing on products if you agree to buy on a recurring basis.

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Facebook and the Cost of Monopoly

The shamelessness was breathtaking. You may have noticed that we rolled out some cameras across our apps recently. That was Act One. Photos and videos are becoming more central to how we share than text. So the camera needs to be more central than the text box in all of our apps.

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The Guardian pulls out of Facebook’s Instant Articles and Apple News

Publishers aren’t happy with the deal platforms are cutting them. Now, the Guardian has dropped both Facebook’s fast-loading Instant Article format and will no longer publish content on Apple News.

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由脫口秀到價值逾13億的平台 (林天程)

本文作者林天程為《信報》撰寫專欄「價值投資」 復活節假期在YouTube看了「最後一集」的《羅輯思維》:這一代人的學習。記得兩年前就知道內地的九十後都不看書,而是看羅振宇的脫口秀增長知識。每集約60分鐘的《羅輯

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7個網媒 Dos and Don’ts

本地網媒做極唔起,西方media startups就風生水起,原因是什麼?我算是過來人,我想找到答案。

在當下,西方網媒正值百花齊放,不,它們不以「網媒」自居,他們管自己叫「media startups」或者「new media venture」,其中有3個,最值得研究參考:MediumThe InformationAxios

光計命名,本地和西方已有根本性分別:本地經營者多以「網媒」自居,西方則叫做 startups 或 venture,有顛覆和冒險之意,他們要改變和超越媒體的操作。

我認為透過比較海內外「網媒」和「Media Startups」經營實況,從他們經歷的成與敗,能夠歸納出一些 Dos 和 Don’ts供參考:

Don’ts: 不要自己創造內容

Medium創辦人Evan Williams(也是Blogger和Twitter聯合創辦人)改名最「見骨」,乾脆以「Medium」命名,開宗名義做平台,自己不創造內容,他不要建立一個盛載長文的網站,而是通過科技集結最聰明的人,賦予他們改變世界的工具。Medium精英作者群來自全球,主要使用經驗是刊登文章及撰文回應,會員可以「間書」,亦即在別人文章標註自己的心水內容,至於社交功能例如留言和「拍手」雖有,但明顯較為次要。

Don’ts: 周身刀無張利

打開本地網媒的首頁,看了看,心有戚戚然。這些報道有多少已經在Fb已看過?本地網媒有一共通點是「百貨公司」,上至天文下至港聞左至環保右至財經,都有得睇。前《華爾街日報》記者Jessica Lessin,創辦了《The Information》,標榜「只有這裡看得到」的科技業內幕深度分析,每日刊登文章不多,但精要,全年訂閱盛惠399美元,跟《華爾街日報》睇齊,Mark Zuckerberg也是忠實訂戶之一。

Don’ts: 「立足本土」不衝出國際


Don’ts: 寫給同行而非消費者

「傳媒人只寫給傳媒人看,而不是寫給消費者,那是傳媒所面對最大的問題。」Axios 創辦人Jim VandeHei 這樣說。這家由 Politico 幾位創辦人 Jim VandeHei、Mike Allen、Roy Schwartz 所成立的新媒體,去年獲得了千萬美元創投,宗旨是為讀者創造能於手機快速獲取的專業新聞。

Dos: 免費開始 然後逐步收費

香港可能是全球最「擁抱免費內容」的城市。聽過這笑話:香港人買新手機多少錢眼不會眨,但要付1美元買WhtasApp,覺得「好憤怒」、「好唔抵」。VandeHei 分享當年經營政治媒體Politico的策略,值得參考:最初2、3年走免費路線,利用廣告收入「以戰養戰」,加強內容後,再推出收費產品擴展戰線,終達至廣告與訂閱各佔一半收入。

Dos: 大膽起用科技人

重文輕科技,是普遍本地網媒的死穴。立足香港的 全公司沒有傳媒人,由為數不多的project manager,基於大數據和經驗,每日聯繫來自全球幾百名「供稿單位」、分派寫作題材。網媒若不夠資源吸納科技人,就只好使用科技公司的工具,轉換跑道,變成科技平台的「重量使用者」和「內容提供者」,那是沒有辦法中的辦法。

Dos: Cut the crap! 重質不重量

年輕一代終日浸淫於手機和社交媒體,他們嫌傳統媒體太「口水」,格式太冗長。相反,傳統媒體為取悅年輕用戶,改玩社交平台的遊戲,祭出誇張標題、性感照及讀後「感覺良好」的軟性內容。Axios的誕生要改變這現狀:以短的、精要的、點列的方式傳遞專業新聞分析。有評論以「Twitter和The Economist的結合」來形容這新體裁。

文首舉了3個外國新媒體例子,最後我再舉3個香港製造、能夠不靠投資者「科水」的,分別是 Lifehack、Hypebeast 和,共通點是只談生活不談政治,同樣值得大家參考研究。

《2017年4月8日刊於信報 — 網媒的一念天堂一念地獄》

Escaping the Digital Media ‘Crap Trap’

Digital media companies are caught in the “crap trap,” mass-producing trashy clickbait so they can claim huge audiences and often higher valuations.  

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小公司擊倒巨無霸 (老占)

本文作者老占,為《信報》撰寫專欄「俺俺占占」 一個有趣的調查,根據管理諮詢公司Accenture報告,二○○一年Fortune五百大的公司,到了二○一六年已有超過一半跌出五百大,這說明,惟有改變、創新,才能夠生存,到

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謎米點解做極都做唔起?/網媒的生存空間〈周末趙集〉2016-07-15 b

謎米點解做極都做唔起?/網好的生存空間〈周末趙集〉2016-07-15 b即時聊天室:謎米香港

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‘Hello, Bob’: President Trump called my cellphone to say that the health-care bill was dead

President Trump called me on my cellphone Friday afternoon at 3:31 p.m. At first I thought it was a reader with a complaint since it was a blocked number. Instead, it was the president calling from the Oval Office. His voice was even, his tone muted. He did not bury the lead.

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Chapter 2: What is a journalist?

Here we will discuss: who journalists are and what they do; why people become journalists; and what qualities you need to be a good journalist. Journalists work in many areas of life, finding and presenting information.

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Ad Agencies and Accountability

It’s never a good thing when a news story begins with the phrase “summoned before the government.” That, though, is exactly what happened to Google last week in a case of what most seem to presume is the latest episode of tech companies behaving badly.

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How Techmeme continues to set the agenda for influential tech readers, without chasing scale or adopting the trappings of most media firms

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Facebook’s short-term solution to a long-term Instant Articles problem

Sign in to AXIOS to save stories for later, get personalized news, and more! Sign in with LinkedIn Sign in with FacebookOR Forgot your password? Don’t have an account? Register now.

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50% of Americans want journalists to stop using anonymous sources

One example: Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, who was only confirmed a week ago, has already taken his complaints directly to the President. According to a source briefed on the incident, Zinke went to Trump and demanded his staff be approved.

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How is The New York Times Really Doing?

Wired magazine recently published, Keeping Up with the Times, a story about the New York Times and its slow & painful transition to a digital first publication.

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The Mark Zuckerberg Manifesto Is a Blueprint for Destroying Journalism

Lip service to the crucial function of the Fourth Estate is not enough to sustain it. It’s not that Mark Zuckerberg set out to dismantle the news business when he founded Facebook 13 years ago. Yet news organizations are perhaps the biggest casualty of the world Zuckerberg built.

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Secret de-ranking and outwitting spammers: Recollections from inside the Google News ‘black box’

But amid a sea of online information and misinformation, the Google News staffers had a sometimes tricky task. The editorial team carrying out the job was nothing like a traditional newsroom.

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How tech ate the media and our minds

Ten short years ago: The iPhone was born, Facebook was a small social network used mostly by college students, and there was no Snapchat, Instagram or Pinterest. Most people still relied on three network evening newscasts and a local newspaper, hand delivered, to be informed about current events.

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