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AI文章刊英報 強調無意滅人類

原文刊於信報財經新聞「StartupBeat創科鬥室」 英國已故著名物理學家霍金(Stephen Hawking)曾警告,人工智能(AI)可能會毀滅人類。當地《衞報》(The Guardian)周二(8日)刊登一篇評論文章,標題為《機械人寫了整篇文章。人

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When you’re supposed to stay at home all the time, service journalism fills a new role

Once you start looking for it, you see service journalism everywhere. Tips on how to make face masks fit better, reading lists to learn about institutional racism, advice to help a friend deal with anxiety.

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Indonesia may see a subscription media boom

US-based Patreon, a membership platform for content creators, appears to have done well for itself in recent years. It was estimated to have made over US$30 million in revenue in 2019.

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Reuters launches AI-powered tool to speed up discovery of historic videos

Reuters has launched a beta set of AI-powered tools to make use of video clips up to a century old. Supported by the Google Digital News Innovation Fund, The Reuters Video Archive can timestamp human appearances within videos and produce speech-to-text transcripts and translations.

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An open letter to the new CEO of The New York Times

Dear Ms. Levien, Congratulations on your new position as CEO of The New York Times Company! We’ve never met, but I’ve only heard great things about you and I’m excited to see what you have planned.

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What makes people avoid the news? Trust, age, political leanings — but also whether their country’s press is free

Avoiding the news is seemingly becoming more difficult and more common. It used to be that, if you skipped the morning paper, didn’t tune into news radio in the car, and kept the TV turned to HGTV, you could very easily go a blissful day without any notice of the outside world.

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Reading On Paper

I’m staring at a pile of paper on my desk that is my stack of things I found on the Internet that I want to read. It’s a bit ironic to write this on a blog, but if I come across something on my computer or phone that is longer than a page or two, I print it out and read it on paper.

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The TikTok War

Over the last week, as the idea of banning TikTok in the U.S. has shifted from a fringe idea to a seeming inevitability (thanks in no small part to India’s decision to do just that), those opposed to the idea and those in support seem to be talking past each other.

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The Wall Street Journal aims for a younger audience with Noted, an Instagram-heavy news and culture magazine

The Wall Street Journal has been previewing Noted, a monthly digital “news and culture” magazine for 18- to 34-year-olds, for the past couple of months, and on Tuesday it officially launched. Noted, whose tagline is “For you. With you.

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