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Why PR isn’t for every startup, according to an industry professional

For many startups, public relations seems like a great strategy for gaining quick exposure. After all, 70% of consumers prefer to get to know about a company via articles rather than through advertisements.

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Hong Kong’s loss of special status could hurt startups

The United States’ decision to remove special policy exemptions that had treated Hong Kong differently than mainland China could hurt Hong Kong’s tech startup scene.

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How SEA Founders Can Take Advantage of Taiwan, the Startup Island, After the COVID19 Pandemic

Douglas is the English Master in Communication. A marketing strategist and content writer, he spent three years with Microsoft in Silicon Valley managing the global social media marketing strategy for BizSpark, Microsoft’s Azure and software program for entrepreneurs.

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面見財爺創科局 智庫促港府投資本地初創

由本地企業家於今年初成立的民間智庫Innovate for Future (IF),周三與財政司司長陳茂波及創新及科技局副局長鍾偉強會面,建議政府可以運用「未來基金」,集中領投本港的科技初創及項目,從而提升香港未來競爭力。

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The Startup Job Market

My colleague Matt Cynamon told our partnership last week that the number of jobs on the USV job board had declined from 1,553 to 871 in the past month. So we suggested he share that data and some observations on the USV blog. He did that yesterday.

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Antony Lee, Communications Master (李欣岳 / 媒體公關總監) 負責媒體與社群溝通相關輔導。加入 AppWorks 前有 18 年媒體經驗,是台灣第一批主跑網路產業的記者,先後任職《數位時代》副總編輯、《Cheers 快樂工作人》資深主編、SmartM 網

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The coronavirus downturn might yield a new startup wave

The American economy is in a dark period right now, but some in Silicon Valley are optimistic it could spawn a generation of startups whose founders are finally getting the nudge they needed to make the leap.

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找到 PMF 後,新創下一關要打什麼怪?

PMF 後的關卡:Growing User Base、Scalable Business Model

Jessica Liu, Partner (劉侊縈 / 合夥人) 主導東南亞市場以及區塊鏈領域的投資,擅長激發創業者的潛能,熱愛與他們討論商業模式。2010 年進入渣打銀行負責數位行銷和產品線上跨售,讓她燃起對 Consumer Internet 的熱情,2014 加入 AppWor

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