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NASA is giving SpaceX $178 million to launch its mission to a Jupiter moon that could harbor alien life

NASA has chosen SpaceX to launch its next alien-hunting mission to a Jupiter moon. The mission, called Europa Clipper, is designed to fly past Jupiter’s moon Europa 45 times, getting as close as 16 miles above its surface.

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SpaceX研貨運火箭 一小時內速遞全球

美國企業家馬斯克(Elon Musk)旗下太空探索公司SpaceX,與當地軍方展開新合作,計劃研製一種貨運火箭,目標是在一小時內將約80公噸貨物運送至全球任何地點。SpaceX將評估火箭貨運的成本及風險,最快2021年初步測試。

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