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一Cam難求 (香睿剛)


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Microsoft and Sony form cloud gaming and AI partnership

Microsoft and Sony are announcing an unusual partnership today, allowing the two rivals to partner on cloud-based gaming services.

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自從Steve Jobs離世,蘋果增長速度放慢,是不爭的事實。與此同時,作為蘋果的緊密拍檔,鴻海的首季收入亦下跌19﹪,純利下跌2.9﹪。


Samsung Electronics Co.’s strong mobile sales haven’t benefited Hon Hai because Apple’s closest rival doesn’t outsource to the Taiwanese company.

Besides Apple, Hon Hai also assembles PCs for Hewlett-Packard Co., PlayStations for Sony Corp. and mobile phones for Nokia Corp.

The company has already made some headway with clients in China. It is assembling large liquid-crystal-display TVs for Chinese Internet-TV operator, smartphones for Huawei Technologies Co., and smartphones and TVs for U.S. TV maker Vizio, said people familiar with the projects. It also plans to manufacture a six-inch smartphone for Chinese TV station Hunan TV, which will come loaded with exclusive TV content.

Hon Hai’s ultimate aim is to be able to supply content for all of the devices it assembles, executives familiar with the company’s strategy said. The company is hiring software engineers for its research and development center in southern Taiwan, who will focus on developing mobile applications, cloud-computing technology for servers and applications for smartwatch devices. Company executives declined to disclose the amount of investments being made in software and content.


“Xbox One is designed to deliver a whole new generation of blockbuster games, television and entertainment in a powerful, all-in-one device.”

How Xbox One Plans to Fight Sony, Steam, and Everything Else

  • The front is nearly without embellishment; even the optical disc drive slot blends into the frontpiece of the box. On the whole, it looks more like a TiVo than any gaming console I’ve ever known.
  • The humplike battery pack on the controller’s underside is all but gone; the triggers and shoulder buttons are carved from a single graceful swath of material.
  • Quantifying graphical performance is notoriously squishy. That being said, Microsoft touts the Xbox One as delivering 8 times the graphic performance of the 360.
  • If the revision of the console consisted mostly of upgrades to its components and architecture, the Kinect received a head-to-toe retooling.
  • It’s essentially like turning each pixel of the custom-designed CMOS sensor into a radar gun, which allows for unprecedented responsiveness.

Amazon would move into closer competition with Apple Inc. (AAPL), which sells its own set-top box called Apple TV. The device would also compete with products from Roku Inc. and Boxee Inc., as well as gaming consoles from Microsoft Corp. and Sony Corp. that deliver video programming.

The project is being run by Malachy Moynihan, a former vice president at Cisco Systems Inc. who worked on the networking giant’s various consumer video initiatives. In the late 1980s and 1990s, Moynihan spent nine years at Apple.


“It would certainly make some sense,” said Jason Krikorian, a general partner at venture-capital firm DCM, and the former co-founder of Sling Media, who does not have knowledge of Amazon’s plans. “They have a ton of content, an existing billing relationship with millions of users.”


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  2. The economics behind Amazon’s possible set-top box gambit


陣營2:Google + Samsung
陣營3:Microsoft + Nokia
陣營4:Facebook + HTC

其餘RIM、Sony、LG… 只會繼續積弱,直至game over。

HTC, Facebook jointly developing smartphone, say sources.

Sony的老套Google TV遙控

我曾有幸在日本看過一次Google TV的產品示範,其實是可以支援Android應用程式作基本的控制,看過的功能示範包括搜尋、選台、輸入文字。不過,當初示範用的Android應用程式還是prototype,看上去很陽春的感覺。然而,我看至少比Sony的這個強上百倍千倍才對!

Google TV’s Remote Control Is Awful — Here’s What It SHOULD Look Like

If Google is actually serious about reinventing TV, it should have done something about the remote control, too.
The images we’ve seen about the remote that Sony will supposedly be offering for its Google TVs are mind boggling. A big hunk of plastic with a million buttons. As we said earlier, it looks like something out of a Sharper Image catalog from the 1980s.

photo source: engadget






頻寬是另一個有利因素。以香港為例,寬頻滲透率高,透過本地的光纖網絡,傳送高清影片,那絕對不成問題。問題是消費者並未習慣於電腦屏幕收看電影和電視節目。事實上,一台1080p的40吋平面高清電視的user experience,當然肯定勝於17吋的電腦顯示屏。




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