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很多人移民英國後,都有各種抱怨,種類包羅萬有,小至伙食不習慣、沒有 TVB、處事方式不一樣,大至政治問題、種族問題。很多網友都曾 inbox 問我為甚麼,我的答案是︰移民唔係一天光哂。

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What Apple, Facebook and Google each mean by “privacy”

Apple, Facebook, and Google are all firmly on the record now: they agree that privacy is a good thing, that government should protect it, and that you can trust them to respect it. The catch: Each company defines privacy differently and emphasizes different trade-offs in delivering it.

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“The Quiet Panic” – Kyle Bass On Hong Kong’s Looming Financial & Political Crisis

In his first investor letter in three years, Kyle Bass, Wall Street’s most visible China bear, explains the rationale behind his latest massive macro bet: A carefully-constructed position that will produce carry for his investors while also producing a massively asymmetrical outcome should the loomi

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The We Company, formerly known as WeWork, files confidentially for IPO

Federal Reserve officials are considering a new program that would allow banks to exchange Treasurys for reserves. Uber will reportedly compare itself to Amazon during its pre-IPO roadshow to justify its losses as it expands its business.

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The once-hot robotics startup Anki is shutting down after raising more than $200 million

Anki, the robotics company that has raised over $200 million in venture capital, is laying off its entire staff and the startup is shuttering, Recode has learned.

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Ford is once again more valuable than Tesla

It took more than two years, but Ford is once again more valuable than Tesla. Ford shares surged more than 10% on Friday after the company posted first-quarter results that topped Wall Street estimates.

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UK government adds ‘12,000 pieces of information’ to Google Assistant and Alexa

Smart speakers are great for answering basic questions, like “what’s the weather tomorrow” or “what’s the population of Brazil” (it’s 209.3 million, in case you were wondering).

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Proof of Capital is a new $50M blockchain fund that’s backed by HTC

It’s often said that the dramatic fall of crypto prices last year ushered in a new era for technology-focused startups in the blockchain space, and the same argument can be made for the venture capitalists who fund them.

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除畢非德(Warren Buffett)的巴郡致股東信外,貝索斯(Jeff Bezos)的亞馬遜致股東信同樣不容錯過。 今年巴郡致股東信中,貝索斯先列出一系列數字,從1999年的3%,去到上年的58%。到底是什麼來的?這便是本欄反覆強調的第三方

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WeWork 進駐廣州大馬站商業中心為大灣區會員提供優惠

WeWork 在廣州大馬站商業中心的共享工作空間今天(16/4)正式啟用,也是 WeWork 在廣州市的首個據點。WeWork 在上海、北京、香港、成都、深圳、杭州、武漢及廣州已設有超過 70 個服務點,預計今年將拓展到南京、蘇州、西安、天

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海闊天空創投領投、ITVF 跟投 港人北上初創「餐道」獲 1 億元 A 輪融資

由香港人李振宏創辦的餐飲外賣服務初創公司「餐道」,宣布完成 1 億元由海闊天空創投、基匯資本領投,魔量資本、香港創科創投基金(ITVF)跟投的 A 輪融資。

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Carousell 獲得 Naspers 5,600 萬美元投資 業務版圖擴張至菲律賓

新加坡網上易手交易平台 Carousell(旋轉拍賣)宣佈已獲 Naspers 旗下 OLX Group 投資 5,600 萬美元,換取約 10% 的 Carousell 股權。

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Uber向香港司機、送餐員派錢  每人最多分7.84萬

叫車服務 Uber 將於美國上市,美國總公司早前已決定在正式上市時,司機可獲最多 1 萬美元現金紅利。而香港 Uber 亦跟進「派錢」動作,根據香港 Uber 司機透露,他們已收到訊息,指可在今個月月底收到一筆為數最多 7.

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過去兩周區塊鏈業界的大事之一,是紐約時報報導 Facebook 打算推出自家通證(token),讓 WhatsApp 用戶可以互相轉賬。消息來自紐時,只是加強了可信度和公眾認知,鏈圈早有相關傳言,更指服務會先瞄準印度,因大量印度人經

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What’s Our Video Setup for #StreamSquad?

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為什麼80, 90後對工作缺乏熱情?因為老闆少做了這件事 – Simon Sinek(中英字幕)

TVB新債冚舊債 5G是他的終結者〈蕭若元:理論蕭析〉2019-03-21

為什麼大多數人窮其一生,終究一無所獲… 看教授精闢的分析(啟發)

花弗新世界黃霑訪問周星馳 摘自無線大寶藏

別再追求「工作生活平衡」了!21 世紀下,職場工作者要有的新生活觀念

過去大家經常提到的「工作生活平衡(Work & Life Balance)」,放在今日社會中,這種說法讓我感覺相當格格不入。現代社會中我們隨時隨地都可以獲取資訊,所以任何時候都呈現工作與私人時間同時並存的狀況。

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The majority of scooters in LA are going to share your location with the city

Los Angeles is pumping the brakes on scooter companies that won’t tell it what part of the city you’re wheeling around.

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🔞超18禁動畫 露點噴血不用錢 尺度大到嚇人的《愛x死x機器人》| 影集介紹 | 超粒方

Here are the 88 companies that launched at YC’s W19 Demo Day 2

Today was the second half of Y Combinator’s two-day Demo Day for its Winter 2019 class. Over 85 startups pitched on stage yesterday, and another huge batch launched today.

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Microsoft Teams is now used by 500,000 organizations, promises 8 new features

Microsoft Teams, which launched worldwide in March 2017, turns two years old this week. To celebrate, Microsoft is sharing some news: Teams is now used by 500,000 organizations, including 91 of the Fortune 100.

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【Captain Marvel嚴重劇透】逆轉無限貫穿Marvel電影宇宙!!解讀宇宙魔方時間線,橫跨11年21套電影迎接Endgame!!

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