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智能磚頭儲電 供緊急照明

原文刊於信報財經新聞「StartupBeat創科鬥室」 研究團隊把3塊磚頭組成「串聯電池」,成功為白色LED燈供電。(自然通訊圖片) 磚頭除了興建房屋,還能像電池一樣,用來儲存電力?美國華盛頓大學發明一種化學合成方法,利

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UK government adds ‘12,000 pieces of information’ to Google Assistant and Alexa

Smart speakers are great for answering basic questions, like “what’s the weather tomorrow” or “what’s the population of Brazil” (it’s 209.3 million, in case you were wondering).

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The majority of scooters in LA are going to share your location with the city

Los Angeles is pumping the brakes on scooter companies that won’t tell it what part of the city you’re wheeling around.

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China may use facial recognition to stop kids from live streaming

If you’re under 18 in China and want to play one of the most popular mobile games in the world, Honor of Kings (aka Arena of Valor), you will need to pass an AI facial recognition test. Soon, even tuning into live streamed videos might require the same.

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In China, you’ll soon be able to pay your subway fare with your face

China has led the world in adoption of smartphone-based mobile payments, reaching the point where its central bank had to remind merchants not to discriminate against cash. And the next phase of development may be to pay with your face.

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Xfers is the first startup approved by the Singapore gov’t to run a large e-money service

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has approved fintech startup Xfers’ application to become a widely accepted stored value facility (SVF). It is the first startup to get this approval. It joins the ranks of four other SVFs: EZ-Link Card, Nets CashCard, Nets FlashPay, and CapitaVoucher.

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Lazada and Redmart to merge in regional groceries drive

Singapore’s Redmart is set to be fully integrated into Lazada, which acquired the online grocer in 2016. From March 15, users will be able to shop for groceries within the Lazada ecommerce platform. The separate Redmart app and site will no longer operate from that date.

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上篇提及筆者與楊岳橋議員8月初往美國矽谷灣區交流考察,其中一個重點是與當地政府官員交流,了解他們對智慧城市發展和城市管理創新方面的經驗。 我們分別與舊金山灣區4個城市的官員交流,分別有聖荷塞(San Jose)市政

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Singapore’s Changi Airport integrates WeChat Pay for Chinese travellers

Chinese outbound tourists heading to Singapore will soon be able to buy goods at Changi Airport with a wave of their WeChat Pay app.

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給特首的信:5G發展與香港競爭力 (方保僑)


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5G禁飛區迷思 (方保僑)

本文作者方保僑為香港互動市務商會會長,為《信報》撰寫專欄「科網人語」 每當談到新一代流動通訊制式5G,一般發達國家的政府及流動通訊商都會顯得很雀躍,甚至不敢有絲毫怠慢,務求趕在科技最前線,以配合智慧城

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大數據人工智能最渴市 (應科院首席科技總監楊美基)


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HK smart city initiatives need to level up

As the government starts to take serious steps in developing Hong Kong into a smart city, leaders in both the government and private sector must change their mindset to enable the quick execution of various initiatives being laid out for the city’s smart city journey.

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In Singapore, your phone is now your ticket to ride

My oh my, how we have come to love for our little plastic cards sitting in our wallet, our phone case, our purses; binging and booping every day to get us to work, school, the beach or a romantic date.

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