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My Samsung Galaxy Fold screen broke after just a day

Look closely at the picture above, and you can see a small bulge right on the crease of my Galaxy Fold review unit. It’s just enough to slightly distort the screen, and I can feel it under my finger. There’s something pressing up against the screen at the hinge, right there in the crease.

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自從Steve Jobs離世,蘋果增長速度放慢,是不爭的事實。與此同時,作為蘋果的緊密拍檔,鴻海的首季收入亦下跌19﹪,純利下跌2.9﹪。


Samsung Electronics Co.’s strong mobile sales haven’t benefited Hon Hai because Apple’s closest rival doesn’t outsource to the Taiwanese company.

Besides Apple, Hon Hai also assembles PCs for Hewlett-Packard Co., PlayStations for Sony Corp. and mobile phones for Nokia Corp.

The company has already made some headway with clients in China. It is assembling large liquid-crystal-display TVs for Chinese Internet-TV operator, smartphones for Huawei Technologies Co., and smartphones and TVs for U.S. TV maker Vizio, said people familiar with the projects. It also plans to manufacture a six-inch smartphone for Chinese TV station Hunan TV, which will come loaded with exclusive TV content.

Hon Hai’s ultimate aim is to be able to supply content for all of the devices it assembles, executives familiar with the company’s strategy said. The company is hiring software engineers for its research and development center in southern Taiwan, who will focus on developing mobile applications, cloud-computing technology for servers and applications for smartwatch devices. Company executives declined to disclose the amount of investments being made in software and content.


Sundar Pichai

SVP, Chrome and Apps, Google

Can’t it be confusing having two operating systems?

It’s a world of multiple screens, smart displays, with tons of low-cost computing, with big sensors built into devices. At Google we ask how to bring together something seamless and beautiful and intuitive across all these screens. The picture may look different a year or two from from now, but in the short term, we have Android and we have Chrome, and we are not changing course.

As Android’s new head, what do you see as the biggest challenge?

I see huge opportunity, because it is just shocking how much of the world doesn’t have access to computing. In his book Eric [Schmidt] talks about the next 5 billion [the people on earth who aren’t connected to the internet who soon will be]. That’s genuinely true and it excites me.

What does that mean when a company like Facebook comes out with Home, which changes that experience?

To Mark [Zuckerberg], people are the center of everything. I take a slightly different approach. I think life is multifaceted: people are a huge part of it, but not the center and be-all of everything.

Talk about Samsung..

Historically the industry has had long stable structures. Look at Microsoft and Intel. They were very codependent on one another, but it served both of them well. When I look at where computing needs to go, we need innovation in displays, in batteries. Samsung is a world leader in those technologies.

Finally, you had a pretty full plate with Chrome and Apps, and now you’re handling the world’s biggest phone platform in addition. How are you managing?

I have a secret project which adds four hours every day to the 24 hours we have. There’s a bit of time travel involved.



Bernard Marr

Best-selling business author and enterprise performance expert

Rumour has it that later this year Apple will launch a wrist watch that will not only tell you the time but will allow you to monitor yourself and control other devices. The watch will understand where you are, what you have eaten, how many calories you have burnt, how well you have slept etc.

The reason I believe the iWatch (or the smart watch idea in general) will change the world is because it will allow all of us to collect and analyse data on both a personal and global level. Take health as an example. These intelligent wrist watches will permit monitoring of an individual’s heart rate, calorie intake, activity levels, quality of sleep and more.


  1. Samsung Confirms It Will Build A Smart Watch As Speculation About Apple’s iWatch Continues
  2. Apple’s Planned ‘IWatch’ Could Be More Profitable Than TV


經過Diablo 3洗禮,本地科技界,尤其創業圈子似乎更團結:我見過小企老闆帶領員工在遊戲世界除魔斬怪,團隊精神理應有所提昇。然而,原來玩遊戲,可以不用遊戲主機,單靠電視機,亦可以玩餐飽。

今年E3遊戲展,Samsung宣佈「雲端遊戲」的計劃,跟雲端遊戲供應商Gaikai,再加上晶片研發商Nvidia合作,計劃在未來12 個月,在4000萬部現有智能電視加入雲端遊戲功能,涉足遊戲業,直接跟Microsoft、Sony和任天堂競爭。據了解,此計劃今年夏季測試,預計秋季出爐。

Samsung提出的雲端遊戲,在原理上,跟一般遊戲主機最不同之處,是不論遊戲內容,遊戲運算,以至圖像處理,都完全依靠互聯網雲端服務,取而代之,用戶在瀏覽器進行遊戲。Samsung聲稱,智能電視不用事前下載遊戲,也不用更新什麼軟件,只需接駁互聯網,不消一分鐘,便可以玩到市面上最暢銷的遊戲,例如World of Warcraft。


記得iPhone最初面世,Steve Jobs曾經講過,以手機地圖服務為例,別以為Google Map配搭瀏覽器就足夠,他們發現,要做出最佳用戶經驗(User Experience),以當時標準,單靠雲端還是不夠好,因為用戶不會理是否雲端,最緊要好用。





– 尹思哲

Samsung Galaxy S3 hands-on


陣營2:Google + Samsung
陣營3:Microsoft + Nokia
陣營4:Facebook + HTC

其餘RIM、Sony、LG… 只會繼續積弱,直至game over。

HTC, Facebook jointly developing smartphone, say sources.



繼Sony、Logitech後,Samsung和Vizio宣佈加入Google TV聯盟,這代表了甚麼?

先談Google TV。不要被名字騙了,Google TV從來不是電視,它希望將電視變成電腦。說穿了,Google打算把最受歡迎的Android作業系統,套用於電視機,而你的Android手機或iPhone,正是遙控器!

安裝了Google TV的電視或機頂盒,電視屏幕頓時變成電腦屏幕,可以Google搜尋,可以上YouTube,看過節目,可以立即用facebook和微博分享。屏幕便得大了,控制器再不是鍵盤,而是特製的電視遙控或手機。

隨便問10個朋友,TVB的節目夠不夠?答案是絕對不夠,大家更想看YouTube,而更重要是,內地不少視頻網站的規模和內容,足以跟電視台平分秋色,這些內容很多人都有興趣,所以我也忍不住以舊款筆記簿電腦接駁電視機,加配一個平價無線鍵盤,於客廳自製一套山寨版「Windows TV」系統。

對上一代人來說,電視是生活必需品,時至今日,互聯網已是不可或缺。Google TV嘗試解決的問題,是滿足希望以電視機上網的人,為他們提供一個不到200美元又有效率的選擇,與此同時賦予了電視機新的靈魂。


Samsung的參與,也許是最大的變數。過去數年,Samsung一直穩踞平板顯示器市場龍頭地位,在宣佈推出Google TV之前,Samsung的高清電視用自家開發平台,「電視軟件」的下載量累積超過100萬次,感覺就像初時推出軟件商店的iPhone平台。


最重要是,Google TV說穿了是Android系統的變種,換言之,Google TV若有朝一日跟Android同樣普及,那便是互聯網降臨電視機的日子,那時候,不管是誰,都不可能再壟斷電視市場,要解決的問題,也不再是資訊夠不夠,而是如何尋找和篩選合適的資訊,毫無疑問,那又是Google和全球程式員大顯身手的時候。



Galaxy Tab一出,立即成為風頭躉,看來Google的合縱策略還相當成功。

此外,在電視市場方面,根據蘋果日報報導,一直以硬件銷售為主的韓國品牌 Samsung, 2010年初已推出 Samsung Apps,當電視連接上網後便可利用其中的串流高清影片程式,影片供應商比 Google及蘋果已公佈的網上電視商稍多,分別有 Block buster、 Netflix及 hulu Plus等。Apple TV推出後,Samsung電視事務部主管 Yoon Boo Keun表示正在評估跟 Google合作的可行性。

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