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Road to profitability: Insights into Southeast Asia’s VC investments

At the recent demo day for Mobile Only Accelerator (MOX), managing partner William Bao Bean moderated a panel discussion with Kuo-Yi Lim, co-founder and managing partner at Monk’s Hill Ventures, and Sachin Bhanot, a principal at B Capital Group.

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AI 時代的生存策略:採取小眾戰略,創造屬於自己的社群

【為什麼我們要挑選這本書】根據一些科學家的預測,大約在 2045 年,會有自我進化的人工智慧,稱為「超 AI 時代」。如果真的發生,屆時人類的定位會重新被定義。

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