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Brian Wong
Founder and CEO at Kiip


其實,有本事紮實地保持平穩的心態(和生活節奏),已是一種非常重要的基本功。以下是 Brian 的一些貼士和意見:

1. Find Your Own Tempo

Find a setup where you know when you’re the most inspired and productive. If it’s not at 9am, don’t force yourself. Optimizing time means knowing which hours you’ll get more done in 60 minutes than some get done in an entire day.

Leave your most inspired hours to brainstorm, mind map, and question the status quo.

2. Stop Reading the News so Much

Remember that you are living your own life – spending too much time reading about other people’s lives is only wasting time you could be spending living your own.

3. Find Your Source of Wonder

As a founder, you’re constantly thinking about your company and what you’ve potentially missed, new ideas, and about your next moves. You’ll never be able to turn it off. But you can certainly distract yourself with a good dose of wonder.

Whether this is travel (it is for me), or reading, or listening to a good symphony – find something that you can just tilt your head and go “woah”.

4. Smile

Omer Perchik from Any.DO posted this video of a TED talk on smiling recently. A smile is the best way to disarm a grumpy person. Get them wondering why you’re so happy. Because, at the end of the day, life is pretty good when you think about it.

5. Try Being You

The funny thing is sometimes the most childish adults are called “eccentric”. They’re given a ticket to be the unique one because they’ve decided that life is too short to conform to holding your mouth and being civil.


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