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Pocket Wants You To Read Ads Later Too

People love Pocket. Its 22 million registered users have saved over 2 billion articles. But there comes a time in every startup’s life when it must ween itself off venture capital and become a sustainable business.

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Hong Kong’s Advantages over Singapore in the Startup Game

Having lived both in Hong Kong and Singapore, perhaps this is one of the most often asked question: Which is better, Hong Kong or Singapore? You’ll find loads of blogs and banter, even charts and lists drilling down to which city is better.

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本文作者李開復為創新工場董事長&CEO,曾是Google、微軟、蘋果副總裁,原文刊登於作者的Facebook 專頁 ,標題為編輯所擬

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A simple way to break a bad habit

Can we break bad habits by being more curious about them? Psychiatrist Judson Brewer studies the relationship between mindfulness and addiction — from smoking to overeating to all those other things we do even though we know they’re bad for us:

Instead of fighting our brain (cognitive control)

Try to be “Curious”

Understand it in a deeper level

Ask yourself what your bad habit is really like

i.e. What’s Smoking really taste like?

Why my body has such “Urge”?

Notice the urge

Get Curious

Feel the joy of letting go

And Repeat.

Opera gets $1.2 billion buyout offer from mix of Chinese firms, board recommends deal

Opera has received a $1.2 billion buyout offer from a consortium of Chinese Internet firms, the company announced on Wednesday. The consortium includes Kunlun and Qihoo 360 and is backed by the investment funds Golden Brick and Yonglian.

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Oculus reveals first “Oculus Ready” PCs, in bundles starting at $1,499

Last month when Oculus announced the surprising $599 price for its Rift virtual reality headset, the company also promised upcoming bundles that would include the Rift and a PC that has been certified as “Oculus Ready.

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Wired Is Launching an Ad-Free Website to Appease Ad Blockers

More than 1 in 5 people who visit Wired Magazine’s website use ad-blocking software. Starting in the next few weeks, the magazine will give those readers a choice: stop blocking ads, pay to look at a version of the site that is unsullied by advertisements, or go away.

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India’s Telecom Authorities Have Ruled Against Facebook’s Controversial Free Internet Plan

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has released their long-anticipated ruling on net neutrality in India. The regulators have ruled against differential and discriminatory pricing of mobile data on the basis of content. We won! #SaveTheInternet is now #SavedTheInternet.
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Taking the wrong lesson from Uber — Greylock Perspectives — Medium

The last few years, it’s become cliche for startups to describe themselves as “Uber for X”. With Uber as the north star, the mobile phone became the “remote control” for our life and anything we wanted — groceries, take-out, laundry, our car — was just a tap away.
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Google pushes further into virtual reality with new headset

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The State of Venture Capital

There are a lot of data points that one can use to get a sense of the venture capital markets, including the number of startup financings and the level of VC fundraising.
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Netflix for Mac Not Working? How to Watch Netflix on Mac (4K) for Free

MacX Video Converter Pro able to free download and convert any HD movie from YouTube, FB, Dailymotion, etc. with perfect aplomb on Mac El Capitan.
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Jessica Alba’s Honest Co. Is Working With Banks on an IPO

Honest Co., an online shopping startup co-founded by actress Jessica Alba, is working with Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Morgan Stanley on an initial public offering, according to people familiar with the matter. The recent rocky market for tech IPOs will be a factor in when Honest Co.
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LinkedIn Shuts Down Its Ad Network 12 Months After It Opened

2015 is a banner year for moviegoing and cinema advertising. North American box office sales are well on the way to topping the $10.9 billion record set in 2013.
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最近經常聽見「智慧城市」,但又有幾多人知道, 發展智慧城市有什麼商機,對香港有何作用,哪些範疇最值得發展?所以我們訪問了8位專家和創業者,聽聽他們的專業意見和構想。請使用右手邊橙色 > 按鈕逐個睇:
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本文作者Priscilla Chan為Speakers Connect 創辦人,原文刊於作者博客 真·世界變 前幾天在Facebook看了林雪粗口賣雞的廣告,真心覺得技驚四座。「粗口橋」夠膽sell給客,個客又buy;網民明知是廣告依然由頭睇到尾(甚至睇好幾次
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How the ‘Internet of Things’ will affect the world

BI IntelligenceThe Internet of Things (IoT) has been called the next Industrial Revolution — it will change the way all businesses, governments, and consumers interact with the physical world. For more than two years, BI Intelligence has closely tracked the growth of the IoT.
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Obama Pledges $4 Billion to Computer Science in US Schools

President Obama today pledged $4 billion in funding for computer science education in the nation’s schools.
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Google Takes On Twitter By Integrating Real-Time Responses From Presidential Candidates Into Search Results

Google announced today that it will begin testing an experimental feature will allow presidential candidates to respond to issues brought up during the Republican debate in real-time directly in Google’s search results.
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Apple plans to offer subscription content through News app

Apple Inc is working to make subscription content available through its News app, giving publishers with paywalls a new way to control who sees their articles, two sources familiar with the matter said.
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Spotify Ready to Introduce Video Product

Spotify AB is finally rolling out its video product to the masses. The Swedish music-streaming service is planning to introduce video content on its Android app starting this week, followed by the iOS app by the end of next week in the U.S., the U.K, Germany and Sweden, the company said.

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Silicon Valley’s $585 Billion Problem

Of all the Silicon Valley IPOs in the past couple of years, Lending Club’s might have been the surest bet of all.
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香港 Startup 生態圈經常被指欠缺「成功案例」,如果香港出了一家獨角獸級別的 Startup,恐怕這評價大家就不能再用了!
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Quartz sees its readers’ behaviors evolving, so it’s evolving with them: It’s launching its first major app

Since its launch in 2012, Quartz has been among the fastest-growing and most closely watched, digital news sites. With a mobile-first focus on social distribution, email newsletters, and high-quality ads, the Atlantic Media-owned site has often been ahead of media trends.
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Google’s 2015 “Bad Ads” Report: 780 Million Ads, 25K App Accounts Shut Down

In a semantic flip, Google has renamed what’s been known as its annual “Bad Ads” report — a rundown of all the annoying, if not malicious, trick and scam ads that the company blocked the prior year — as the “Better Ads” report.
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The resolution of the Bitcoin experiment — Medium

I’ve spent more than 5 years being a Bitcoin developer. The software I’ve written has been used by millions of users, hundreds of developers, and the talks I’ve given have led directly to the creation of several startups. I’ve talked about Bitcoin on Sky TV and BBC News.
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Bitcoin Is Dead, Long Live Bitcoin – AVC

I’ve been writing about the Bitcoin blocksize debate here at AVC (the only place I write and I’m hard core about that) for the past year. It’s a big deal.
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楊偉雄首次訪京 先到港澳辦晤周波

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原文刊於《信報》的「凌通」專欄 潮流興搞科技創投,不少富二代相繼投身這個領域,例如遠東發展(00035)已故創辦人、亞視和荔園前老闆邱德根的幼子邱達根(Duncan),早前成立了創投基金慧科資本,該基金最近領投美
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與Steve Jobs前老闆對話:後悔讓Steve Jobs離開

本文作者李開復為創新工場董事長&CEO,曾是Google、微軟、蘋果副總裁,原文刊登於作者的Facebook 專頁。 與喬布斯前老闆對話:後悔讓喬布斯離開,對喬布斯說真心話 (極客公園會議,2016年1月16日)

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