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milton keynes

Headteacher hits out in emotional letter of resignation after Ofsted inspection at Milton Keynes primary school

A Milton Keynes primary school headteacher has resigned with ‘great sadness’ because she disagrees with the government’s unrealistic expectations of children.

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Milton Keynes ‘will lead UK’s post-Covid economic recovery’

Milton Keynes will have the fastest economic recovery rate of any town or city in Britain next year, thanks to the boom in online shopping, according to a new report.

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Rat outbreak in Milton Keynes estates gets £140,000 funding to tackle problem

Milton Keynes Council (MKC) is investing £140,000 to tackle issues with rats and other rodents in Fishermead, Conniburrow, Oldbrook, Netherfield and Coffee Hall. The council is about to begin the pest control programme in the listed estates, where repeat issues with rodents have been reported.

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This is not a city: Milton Keynes

A visitor to Milton Keynes may be inclined to consider the 1960s ‘new town’, with its wide boulevards and modernist architecture, as one of the 69 cities in the UK.

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