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Lyft is threatening litigation against Morgan Stanley, accusing the firm of supporting short-selling

Lyft has threatened litigation against Morgan Stanley, accusing the firm of supporting short-selling for investors who are subject to lock-up agreements.

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Lyft’s Biggest IPO Winners

If Lyft completes its initial public offering on Friday, as is expected, it will cap a 12-year journey for the ride-hailing firm’s founders and investors, some of whom had more conviction than others about its ability to survive. Now, those who remained steadfast are about to be rewarded.

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Lyft raises $2.2 billion in IPO

Lyft raised $2.2 billion in its IPO on Thursday evening, pricing shares at $72 a piece. The company originally filed to sell 30.77 million shares at $62-$68 per share, before yesterday increasing the range to $70-$72.

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Mickey vs Masa: The battle between Uber and Lyft pits two Japanese billionaires against each other

The rivalry between ride-hailing giants Uber and Lyft is poised to heat up in 2019 as both prepare to hit the public markets. But the battle may be more intense in Japan than the U.S.

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Lyft Is Said to Hire Adviser to Prepare for Targeted 2019 IPO

Lyft Inc., the second-biggest U.S. ride-hailing company, has started the process for an initial public offering in an effort to beat Uber Technologies Inc. to the public markets, people familiar with the matter said.

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Lyft Nears Acquisition of Motivate, U.S. Bike-Share Leader

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Google in talks to invest in Lyft

What can we learn from Cassini’s last moments? There will be some photos, but that pales compared to the data we’ll get about the composition of Saturn’s upper atmosphere. We’ve dipped our toes into it, but we haven’t had an atmospheric probe yet.

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Uber sues Ola for allegedly using the same dirty tricks Uber was accused of using on Lyft and Gett

The race in the Indian taxi app business may have entered a second—and more intense—lap. San Francisco-based Uber has sued its main Indian competitor, Ola, for allegedly creating 93,000 fake Uber accounts, hurting Uber’s business. According to the Press Trust of India, Uber is seeking Rs49.

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