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Training to Be Relaxed in Stressful Situations

Many of us face things every day that stress us out: overwhelming number of tasks, a big meeting, a project that feels really tough, behind on paying bills, someone is upset at us, there’s a family crisis, the world feels chaotic.

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日頭 自得

晚黑 訓得

間中 玩得

目標 求得

作品 留得

Relaxing with Chaos

There’s a big part of us that doesn’t like chaos: we want order and simplicity and feeling like we’re on top of things and doing things the “right” way.

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The Quest for Impact, Not Productivity

There once was a young man named Brabu, who discovered at a young age he had a superpower: he could make things move just by waving his hands. Brabu found delight in this at first, making sticks and leaves float in the air, playing wildly in the forests and ocean, the world was his playground.

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How to Do the Thing You’re Avoiding

Most of us have something on our task list we’re avoiding. Or a project we’ve been putting off. Think for a moment: what’s the task or project you’ve been avoiding lately?

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Reminder: 8 Practices to Get Still & Calm

These days, it’s always nice to have reminders to become present, to pause into stillness, and to calm ourselves down. Chaos rules most of our lives, and every reminder we get can be helpful.

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英倫移民 Janine Miu #19:移民不是避難,是尋找快樂的旅程

主頁 > 英倫移民 Janine Miu #19:移民不是避難,是尋找快樂的旅程 2020-11-19 英倫移民 Janine Miu #19:移民不是避難,是尋找快樂的旅程 很多人對於移民會有着許多的顧慮與計算,難免會思前想後,要權衡得失才作出這重要一步。相

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How To Embrace Change In Life (Even If It’s Hard to Change)

The very nature of life is change, think of the seasons, life and death, the passing of time constantly marching forwards, it’s upon us and our duty to embrace it. Now I know what you’re thinking, “but I don’t want to embrace it, I didn’t ask for it, I like things the way they are”.

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11 Gratitude Books To Remind You To Be Thankful Daily

Anna is a communication expert and a life enthusiast. She’s the Content Strategist of Lifehack and loves to write about love, life, and passion. Read full profile In our continuous pursuit of happiness, one thing that people emphasize time and again is a feeling of gratitude.

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14 Lessons Learned from Fearless Mastery

In the last 6 months, my team and I have been working to support a group of fearless leaders in our Fearless Mastery mastermind program. And they have been breathtaking.

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台漫畫大師蔡志忠少林寺出家 創《莊子說》、《漫畫論語》熱銷港日東南亞


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6 Science-Backed Tips To Learn How To Learn

When people want to pick up a new skill or learn a new subject, they tend to dive right into it. They rarely take the time to learn how to learn in the first place, and that’s a mistake. If they took the time to improve their learning skills, they would get better at everything else.

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A Guide to Being in Action

So we’ve set up structure and training so they can train themselves to be in action much more of the time. It’s trainable, if you’re willing to commit yourself.

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4 Proven Ways To Improve Your Memory (And Learn Faster)

In this article, you will learn what science tells us about the workings of our memory. Then, I will tell you exactly how to take advantage of this to drastically improve your memory and learn faster.

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A Key to Healing Our Divide

The country I live in has a pretty bitter divide between many of its people, and I’ll admit that it often feels hopeless to me. If you don’t live in the U.S.

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Find Freedom of the Mountain in Everything You Do

In the last week, two separate men told me they fantasize about leaving everything behind and living on a mountain. What we (and many others) crave is not really the mountain, but freedom. Simplicity and space and the liberating feeling of freedom.

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5 Reasons to Follow Your Heart to Live the Life You Want

It’s never too late to start something you’ve always wanted to do. It doesn’t matter what you think is holding you back; let’s just call them what they are: excuses. It shouldn’t matter if other people are doing it already or if nobody is doing it at all.

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5 Things to Do If You Don’t Want to Get Back to Work

Mike Iamele is a writer, life purpose expert, and brand strategist who helps people map their sensitivities to discover their purpose. Read full profile Some days, getting back to work is a real struggle.

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Relax Into Structure in Your Day

There’s something in many of us that resists structure — we want the freedom of not having to do something, of being able to just relax. There’s something to that: freedom and going through our day feeling open and relaxed is really nice!

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Time Management for Top Performers

In my coaching practice and Fearless Mastery mastermind group, I work with some high performers. These are people who have excelled at something in their lives. They’re always looking to take themselves to the next level.

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How to Replicate the Benefits of ‘Vacation Anticipation’

Remember back in March and early April when we were all panic-buying supplies to prepare for spending a few weeks hunkered down in our homes? Our new lockdown lifestyle seemed like something we’d live through for a period of time, and then life—including the summer—would resume, mostly as usua

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The Habit Dip

This dip is something everyone faces when changing habits: we lose motivation, we get discouraged, we encounter difficulty, we lose focus because other things get in the way, we get sidetracked by life.

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How to Be More Present & Alive in the Moment

One of the people in my Fearless Mastery mastermind group is an amazing leader who is exceedingly good at getting things done and leading a team. Her entire life is filled with doing, and she’s so good at it.

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Be Water的無限思維之戰 (黃岳永)


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Work Less

By When it comes to work, I’ve found that most of us fall in one of two camps: We work way too hard, constantly churning, never feeling like we got enough done; or We put off work, going to distractions, feeling guilty about how little we’re getting done.

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The Lifehack Show – Making Shift Happen with Anthony Trucks

Success Coach, Author, and Speaker helping people wake up to their potential to create lives better than their wildest dreams. Read full profile

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Showing Up Even When You’re Not Feeling It

Some days, you’re just not feeling it. It’s not that you’re exhausted, it’s that you’re not in the mood to do the important task that’s in front of you. You want to just go to distractions all day long, do anything but this thing you’re resisting.

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How to Get Things Done: A Step-by-Step Guide

There are always those days when 24 hours a day seem too little for you to finish all that you wanted to accomplish. The biggest question for a person with a lot of responsibilities on their shoulder is how to get things done before they are overdue.

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The Simplicity of Discipline

The clients I work with almost all put incredible expectations on themselves — they have higher standards than almost anybody I know. It’s why they work with me. It can be hard to see, but the expectations they’ve set for themselves often stand in the way of what they want the most.

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One Powerful Way to Help You Stay Focused on Your Goals

In this digital era, distractions can seem impossible to avoid. Just figuring out how to stay focused on your goals and ambitions can feel as difficult as actually achieving them. These days, constant distractions can lead to a massive loss in productivity.

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