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Qualcomm 與華為簽訂 5G 專利協議

雖然美國和中國關係持續緊張,華為亦成為貿易禁令的對象,不過最近 Qualcomm 就仍然與華為簽訂長期專利協議,相信將可以舒緩華為因美國禁令而難以獲得手機核心元件的困局。

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【明報專訊】美國加強遏制華為,再次令人想到,西方在半導體設備業的壟斷程度有多大?中國內地有沒有公司可充當「備胎」?內地業者和媒體曾分析,簡單來說,材料靠日本、光刻機靠荷蘭,其他設備和EDA(Electronic Design Aut

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中國傳拍板11萬億拓科技 致力超越美國 阿里騰訊成主將


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Huawei Braces for a Steep Drop in Overseas Smartphone Sales

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Huawei considers using Sailfish OS instead of its own OS

As a result of its US trade ban, Huawei got its Android revoked and thus it won’t be able to use Google Play Services (the Google Play Store included) on phones that haven’t been already certified. This means that the company needs to look elsewhere for its software.

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Huawei apparently decides it needs more bad press, puts ads on phone lock screens

Advertising has a time and a place, and the place is never on the lock screen of a smartphone you paid a lot of money for. As if Huawei didn’t need more negative publicity right now, the company has seemingly begun allowing advertisements for on the lock screens of several of its phones.

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Huawei’s Yearslong Rise Is Littered With Accusations of Theft and Dubious Ethics

On a summer evening in 2004, as the Supercomm tech conference in Chicago wound down, a middle-aged Chinese visitor began wending his way through the nearly abandoned booths, popping open million-dollar networking equipment to photograph the circuit boards inside, according to people who were there.

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How Australia led the US in its global war against Huawei

Canberra: In early 2018, in a complex of low-rise buildings in the Australian capital, a team of government hackers was engaging in a destructive digital war game.

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