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Timeline: The 30-Year History of the World Wide Web

The World Wide Web is now as old as the typical millennial. On March 12, the World Wide Web celebrated its 30th birthday. Over the last three decades, we’ve seen it mature from the first webpage to having a ubiquitous presence in our lives.

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歷史節目年輕學者主持 曾卓然輕鬆想當年


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Steve Jobs 從未曝光訪問片段

Steve Jobs: Visionary Entrepreneur, a 60-minute film. Get it at: http://www.siliconvalleyhistorical.or…

This enlightening one-hour program stars Steve Jobs from an exclusive 1994, unscripted interview by the Silicon Valley Historical Association where he gives advice to potential entrepreneurs. Jobs discusses risk, failure, his own experiences, and learning the value of creating your own environment.

Never seen before – Steve Jobs on his legacy (1994)

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