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自從Steve Jobs離世,蘋果增長速度放慢,是不爭的事實。與此同時,作為蘋果的緊密拍檔,鴻海的首季收入亦下跌19﹪,純利下跌2.9﹪。


Samsung Electronics Co.’s strong mobile sales haven’t benefited Hon Hai because Apple’s closest rival doesn’t outsource to the Taiwanese company.

Besides Apple, Hon Hai also assembles PCs for Hewlett-Packard Co., PlayStations for Sony Corp. and mobile phones for Nokia Corp.

The company has already made some headway with clients in China. It is assembling large liquid-crystal-display TVs for Chinese Internet-TV operator, smartphones for Huawei Technologies Co., and smartphones and TVs for U.S. TV maker Vizio, said people familiar with the projects. It also plans to manufacture a six-inch smartphone for Chinese TV station Hunan TV, which will come loaded with exclusive TV content.

Hon Hai’s ultimate aim is to be able to supply content for all of the devices it assembles, executives familiar with the company’s strategy said. The company is hiring software engineers for its research and development center in southern Taiwan, who will focus on developing mobile applications, cloud-computing technology for servers and applications for smartwatch devices. Company executives declined to disclose the amount of investments being made in software and content.



Meg Whitman

CEO at Hewlett-Packard

One of the first things I did was tear down the fence and move all of our executives into cubicles. 

You can improve your company’s infrastructure and roll out multiple plans from headquarters, but you won’t make progress unless you win the hearts and minds of your people. 

Not shying away from tough problems, and increasing levels of communication at all levels of the business, is critical to ensuring that we can drive our strategy and operate as one, unified company.

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