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找到 PMF 後,新創下一關要打什麼怪?

PMF 後的關卡:Growing User Base、Scalable Business Model

Jessica Liu, Partner (劉侊縈 / 合夥人) 主導東南亞市場以及區塊鏈領域的投資,擅長激發創業者的潛能,熱愛與他們討論商業模式。2010 年進入渣打銀行負責數位行銷和產品線上跨售,讓她燃起對 Consumer Internet 的熱情,2014 加入 AppWor

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More S1 Fun – AVC

We are now seeing a wave of longtime private companies coming public and with that we are getting data on usage, financial performance, and a host of other issues that is very useful market data. I spent some time looking at Pinterest’s S1 today. They filed it a week or two ago.

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