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green monday

寵物保險|本地企業引入寵物保險作員工福利 涵蓋所有貓狗品種


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新餐肉|麥當勞聯乘Green Monday推出新餐肉系列 記者實試15mm餐肉有幾厚?

吃餐肉最怕就是薄得跟紙一樣,毫無口感,而新系列則採用麥當勞獨家供應的15mm厚切「OmniPork Luncheon新餐肉」,記者以iPhone XR作比較,可以看到新餐肉比iPhone XR更厚。

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I Can Finally Shut Up About Green Monday

What a month in Asia’s alternative protein scene! Have you heard? . As a Hongkonger, I’m more proud than ever; as someone who’s had the honour of being a tiny part of the Green Monday journey in its early days, I can finally shut up.

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Hong Kong’s Plant-Based Food Company Green Monday Bags US$70M

Hong Kong-headquartered plant-based food producer Green Monday Holdings has secured US$70 million in a fresh round of financing, the company announced in a press release today.

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