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COVID-19 Community Mobility Report

As global communities respond to COVID-19, we’ve heard from public health officials that the same type of aggregated, anonymized insights we use in products such as Google Maps could be helpful as they make critical decisions to combat COVID-19.

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Google donates $800 million in cash and ads to fight coronavirus

Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced Friday that his company is donating more than $800 million in cash and advertising to help stem the spread of the novel coronavirus and ease the impact on small businesses. Why it matters: It would appear to be the largest donation yet from a tech giant.

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Chrome’s ad blocker will expand to video on August 5

Google today announced that Chrome’s ad blocker is expanding to video on August 5, 2020. As with previous ad blocker rollouts, the date is likely not tied to a specific Chrome version — Google will be expanding the scope of its browser’s ad blocker server-side.

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Google is rolling out free access to its advanced Hangouts Meet video-conferencing to help businesses and educators in response to Coronavirus

Amid sudden outbreak of coronavirus in the United States, tech giant Google said it’s rolling out free access to its advanced Hangouts Meet video-conferencing capabilities to help businesses and educators in response to Coronavirus.

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What’s Next for Google After Larry and Sergey’s Departure?

Larry Page and Sergey Brin are to step down from the day-to-day running of Alphabet, the holding they created to ensure the diversification of their investment interests into long-term projects such as self-drivingvehicles, research into prolonginghuman life, home automation, artificial intelligence

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Google Android 涉嫌違反 GNU GPL

我今天看到《Android source code, Java, and copyright infringement: what’s going on?》(中譯版)的新聞。心頭一驚,這還真是個大新聞。於是多花了些時間把相關的討論文章都看過。內容很多,但法律焦點其實只有一個,我稍候解釋。我先說我

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Exclusive: Google suspends some business with Huawei after Trump blacklist – source

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Alphabet Inc’s Google has suspended business with Huawei that requires the transfer of hardware, software and technical services except those publicly available via open source licensing, a source familiar with the matter told Reuters on Sunday, in a blow to the Chinese techno

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Google uses Gmail to track a history of things you buy — and it’s hard to delete

Google tracks a lot of what you buy, even if you purchased it elsewhere, like in a store or from Amazon. Last week, CEO Sundar Pichai wrote a New York Times op-ed that said “privacy cannot be a luxury good.

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The Best and Worst From Google I/O 2019’s Day One Keynote

Google executives just made the first batch of announcements and took their bows at this year’s I/O Developer Conference in Mountain View, California. That means the world got a sneak peek at new Google products, including some fancy AI software and even a new phone.

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