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Google personalizes search results even when you’re logged out, new study claims

The amount of personalization inherent in any one of Google’s many massive software products runs deep, based on everything from your search history to your location to every single search link you might have clicked.

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Trump doubles down on Google attack

Why it matters: This morning, Trump went after Google for favoring left-leaning news over right-leaning publications.

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Early Facebook and Google Employees Form Coalition to Fight What They Built

SAN FRANCISCO — A group of Silicon Valley technologists who were early employees at Facebook and Google, alarmed over the ill effects of social networks and smartphones, are banding together to challenge the companies they helped build.

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Google in talks to invest in Lyft

What can we learn from Cassini’s last moments? There will be some photos, but that pales compared to the data we’ll get about the composition of Saturn’s upper atmosphere. We’ve dipped our toes into it, but we haven’t had an atmospheric probe yet.

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This is Google Jump’s next-generation VR camera rig

Chinese company Yi Technology has made a name for itself in the last two years by releasing some surprisingly capable GoPro competitors. Now the Xiaomi-backed Yi is expanding into the world of VR and 360-degree video with two new cameras being announced at the NAB conference in Las Vegas.

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谷歌母公司Alphabet的自駕汽車技術開發分支Waymo在博客貼文宣布,入稟控告召車軟件商優步(Uber),因為後者新收購的開發公司Otto創辦人Anthony Levandowski,把他在Alphabet工作時開發的主要技術,應用在優步的技術開發方面。

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Google Hangouts API gets hung out to dry

Draw with your face? Conference call ping pong? Not any more. Google today quietly revealed that it will shut down the Hangouts API, preventing new apps from being built and shutting off existing apps on April 25th.

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Who’s Who in Google’s New Hardware Team

Apple has Jony Ive and Samsung has Lee Don-tae, both top industrial design executives charged with turning out devices that get consumers excited.

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This Page Lets You Disable a Lot of Google’s Activity Tracking

Google tracks a lot of your data. If you’re comfortable with that, it can make your life a little easier. If you’re not, it can be a pain to figure out how to turn it off. Fortunately, there’s one settings page where you can disable a lot of it.

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Google’s phone app will now warn about potential spam callers

No one enjoys getting random, unwanted phone calls, especially on their mobile phone. Thankfully Google is doing something about it, at least for Nexus and Android One users.

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Introducing Nearby: A new way to discover the things around you

Select Google devices, including Google Cast and Android Wear watches, will also let you set them up simply by tapping a notification when you’re near them. Earlier this year, we started experimenting with surfacing websites relevant to a place in Chrome through the Physical Web project.

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If Google’s right about AI, that’s a problem for Apple

Before the iPhone, RIM’s BlackBerry was the king of smartphones. They seemed unstoppable, because by most accounts, they were the best and most successful at what most smartphones were for at the time: email and phone calls.

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New Google Trips app is a smart assistant for your vacations, currently in beta testing

One of Inbox’s most convenient features are Travel bundles that organize reservations and other related emails in an easy to read manner. Google is now testing (via Androidworld) a Trips app that organizes every aspect of your travels and offers useful suggestions.

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This year’s Founders’ Letter

In August, I announced Alphabet and our new structure and shared my thoughts on how we were thinking about the future of our business. (It is reprinted here in case you missed it, as it seems to apply just as much today.) I’m really pleased with how Alphabet is going.

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Google launches new machine learning platform

Google today announced a new machine learning platform for developers at its NEXT Google Cloud Platform user conference in San Francisco. As Google chairman Eric Schmidt stressed during today’s keynote, Google believes machine learning is “what’s next.

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Google is making a keyboard for the iPhone

Google has been developing a third-party keyboard for iOS that would put the company’s search engine in a highly used part of the interface, The Verge has learned.

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作者:沐陽浸月(中國科學院自動化所複雜系統國家重點實驗室研究生,主攻機器人與人工智慧。) 原文刊載於雷鋒網,經作者同意後授權轉載。 馬文·明斯基教授是幾乎見證了從人工智慧作為一門學科的興起直至今日成就

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Eric Schmidt:我們想開放,他們要審查


從2001到2011這十年,Google主席施密特(Eric Schmidt)由兩位創辦人手上接過CEO的棒,領導這家矽谷初創公司,從員工和產品都不多的嬰兒期,逐步成長,到今天已成為世界上最具影響力的公司之一。施密特2011年讓出CEO位置,轉換身份擔任執行主席,負責對外事務。在香港的首個公開活動,他接受《信報》專訪,在Google香港辦公室細述一個外資巨無霸跟中國模式打交道的一些想法及經過。
















施密特在香港的首個公開活動,除了宣布一項跟中大合作的計劃外,也順道宣傳今年推出的書《The New Digital AgeReshaping the Future of People, Nations and Business》。記者看過其中關於健康的部分,是人體、機器和網絡的結合,大意是手機將具有診斷功能、放入循環系統的微型機械人能監察血壓、以晶片監視人體胰島素水平,甚至可以在鼻腔植入感應器探測空氣毒素及感冒徵兆等。


由中國市場聊到中國手機,預先「約定」的訪問時間所餘無幾,不能不問大家最感興趣的問題,Google那些神秘的產品:Google Glass、無人駕駛車、再生能源,包括其中一項最新的驚喜──向衰老和死亡挑戰的Calico,為什麼Google要花那麼多時間在本業以外?對於這問題,施密特基本上就說一句:「因為我們可以做到。」




“I wear glasses because I have to. I don’t know a lot of people who wear them because they don’t have to,” he said. “I think the wrist is interesting. The wrist is natural.”

Apple is widely considered to be developing a “smartwatch,” with analysts speculating that it could have a 1.5- to 2-inch display, with technology similar to the iPod Nano, on sale in 2014.

He also acknowledged the company’s stock price, which has fallen 21 percent over the past year. “It’s been frustrating for investors and all of us,” Cook said. “What we have to do is focus on products.”


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「亞洲網絡廣告市場還看中小企。」Google亞太區總裁Karim Temsamani道出公司未來在亞洲的發展策略,原來不是跨國大型企業客戶,而是全力爭取中小企廣告客戶。他指出,網絡正在改變營銷活動的潛規則,更揚言以小勝大的時代即將展開!




Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 6.51.28 PM Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 6.50.43 PM

從數據顯示,亞洲的中小企業,比西方歐美要多,亦更成熟。以印尼、中國、澳洲和日本的中小企業為例,對國家GDP所佔比例超過60%。至於香港的約30萬中小企,亦佔整體GDP的約50%。根據資料,中小企業在搜尋引擎的廣告花費比例為66%;截至去年中,本地網絡廣告市場約值1億美元,佔總廣告支出約 5%,年增長為13%。

亞太區中小企業營運總監 Kevin O’Kane指出,網絡讓營銷不受限於企業規模和資源,其中一個原因,是由於在網絡世界,沒有了地理限制的問題,中小企業的在地市場,由從前可能是一個城市,擴大到整個亞太區甚至全球。

香港三和珍珠寶石的Franco Fung表示:「多年來面對開拓其他國家客源成本高昂、風險高的問題,在使用網絡營銷以後,可以利用Google提供的工具去探測潛在市場,讓客源已跨展至歐洲、俄羅斯與沙烏地阿拉伯等新市場,相比傳統到海外參展,或於報章雜誌上刊登廣告更加有效。」


“Growth in the consumer tech industry always starts with traffic,”

She added that buying Tumblr instantly boosts Yahoo’s user base by 50% to 1 billion, and Web traffic by 20%, “which is really heartening.”

Yahoo will pick up around 90 software engineers from Tumblr. Web companies often pay $1 million per engineer during a transaction.


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Dylan Tweney

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  • For Health Care
  • Google Glass makes a lot of sense in health care, for instance. Doctors and nurses could use Google Glass to look up prescription details, access patient health records, see reminders about their next appointments, and even get better at recognizing patients’ faces.
  • It could enable health care providers to do all this without having to touch a keyboard or a screen with their hands (or even, god forbid, paper).
  • While it might seem creepy to take a picture just by winking, that is exactly the control gesture needed by people who don’t have hands.
  • For Journalist
    • Google Glass could be an amazing note-taking and content-generating device that lets them shoot videos and photos as they cover a scene in real time.
    • For Game Designer
      • Glass presents tempting opportunities to overlay the real world with imaginary video game elements
    • For Tourist
      • Imagine walking through a neighborhood in Paris, using an app like Findery to view geotagged notes about historical events that happened in a place.

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