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Google Glass


Dylan Tweney

Executive Editor at VentureBeat

  • For Health Care
  • Google Glass makes a lot of sense in health care, for instance. Doctors and nurses could use Google Glass to look up prescription details, access patient health records, see reminders about their next appointments, and even get better at recognizing patients’ faces.
  • It could enable health care providers to do all this without having to touch a keyboard or a screen with their hands (or even, god forbid, paper).
  • While it might seem creepy to take a picture just by winking, that is exactly the control gesture needed by people who don’t have hands.
  • For Journalist
    • Google Glass could be an amazing note-taking and content-generating device that lets them shoot videos and photos as they cover a scene in real time.
    • For Game Designer
      • Glass presents tempting opportunities to overlay the real world with imaginary video game elements
    • For Tourist
      • Imagine walking through a neighborhood in Paris, using an app like Findery to view geotagged notes about historical events that happened in a place.

    Robert Scoble
    Rackspace’s startup liaison officer helps small teams have a huge impact with cloud computing technology.

    1. I will never live a day of my life from now on without it (or a competitor). It’s that significant. 

    2. The success of this totally depends on price. Each audience I asked at the end of my presentations “who would buy this?” As the price got down to $200 literally every hand went up. At $500 a few hands went up. This was consistent, whether talking with students, or more mainstream, older audiences.

    3. Nearly everyone had an emotional outburst of “wow” or “amazing” or “that’s crazy” or “stunning.” 

    4. At NextWeb 50 people surrounded me and wouldn’t let me leave until they had a chance at trying them. I haven’t seen that kind of product angst at a conference for a while. This happened to me all week long, it is just crazy.

    5. Most of the privacy concerns I had before coming to Germany just didn’t show up. I was shocked by how few negative reactions I got (only one, where an audience member said he wouldn’t talk to me with them on). Funny, someone asked me to try them in a bathroom (I had them aimed up at that time and refused).

    6. There is a total generational gap that I found. The older people said they would use them, probably, but were far more skeptical, or, at minimum, less passionate about the fact that these are the future, than the 13-21-year-olds I met.

    Google Glass 取代智能手機?

    Sergey Brin:「Google Glass比智能手機好,用戶唔洗再邊走路邊低頭望手機。」

    Google Glass真係咁好?睇完以下Demo片段,大家可以自行判斷。


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