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Fred Wilson

Opting Out Of The Legacy Model – AVC

When you look at industries that continue to operate on old, outdated, and highly regulated models (education, health care, banking, brokerage, etc, etc), it is interesting to look at the numbers of consumers who are opting out of the legacy model.

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Orthodoxy – AVC

I am not a fan of Orthodoxy. I appreciate the power of religion although I am not religious personally. I respect the followers of Allah, Jesus, Moses, Buddha, and other religious figures. I know that the beliefs of religious people give them great comfort and a purpose in life.

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Market, Team, Product – AVC

It is not that simple in my view. When I think about the big wins we have had over the years, they almost all exhibited a combination of a large market, a great product, and a talented founding team.

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Fred Wilson on Copyright Bills

These bills were written by the content industry without any input from the technology industry. And they are trying to fast track them through congress and into law without any negotiation with the technology industry.

– Fred Wilson

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