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We’ve Not Thought Through the Legal and Ethical Disruption of Augmented Reality

With recent product and SDK announcements by Apple and Facebook, we have officially entered the 2017 edition of the Augmented Reality hype cycle. Event news sites like the New York Times and Quartz have gotten into the game with their own apps.

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Li Ka-shing shows strong backing for Hong Kong’s fintech sector leading US$7m MioTech investment

Li Ka-shing, Hong Kong’s richest man, has given his strong backing to the city’s fast-growing financial technology start-up sector by investing in MioTech – a specialist provider of artificial intelligence (AI) for investors.

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11 Scientific Facts About Sexual Attraction

From the subtle to the surprising, here’s what science tell us about the forces that attract you to others — and them to you. Keep in touch! Check out HuffPost OWN on Facebook and Twitter .

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The rise of “pre-seed” venture capital

Axios reported last week that two former 500 Startups partners are raising a $50 million to invest in startups at the pre-seed stage. Then came an announcement that a new pre-seed fund called Afore Capital was launching with a $47 million debut fund.

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The texts are coming from inside the house

Tired and hungry after a day of high school and sports, Isaiah Ramsey likes to collapse on his bed, grab his phone, and place a mobile dinner order. To his mom. In the next room.

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AR “Browsers” On The Phone – AVC

Jacqueline gave us an update yesterday on the latest with Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore. These AR “browsers” are coming soon to Apple and Google phones.

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Some thoughts about STEM education in Hong Kong

STEM is a curriculum design to teach students four subjects- science, technology, engineering and mathematics. But these four subjects should be taught in a cohesive and integrated manner, and use a variety of experiential learning and project based learning activities.

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16 Ways QR Codes are Being Used in China

We’ve talked a lot about the rise of QR codes in Asia, but they may now finally be moving from being a “joke” to being more widely adopted in other places as well. Simply put, QR codes let you hyperlink and bookmark the physical world.

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The New Off-Court Play for NBA Stars Is Startup Equity

About three years ago, in February 2014, Andre Iguodala spent an off-day during the NBA season at the offices of venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz in Menlo Park, Calif.

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Leather grown using biotechnology is about to hit the catwalk

LEATHERMAKING is an ancient craft. The oldest leather artefact found so far is a 5,500-year-old shoe from a cave in Armenia, but paintings in Egyptian tombs show that, 7,000 years ago, leather was being turned into all manner of things, from sandals to buckets to military equipment.

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Facebook Figured Out My Family Secrets, And It Won’t Tell Me How

Rebecca Porter and I were strangers, as far as I knew. Facebook, however, thought we might be connected. Her name popped up this summer on my list of “People You May Know,” the social network’s roster of potential new online friends for me.

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