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港產 VR 電競盒「VAR BOX」於海外取得成功後終於登陸本地市場

香港初創公司不少,當中也有很多在海外取得成功後,回到香港繼續發展。本地初創 VAR LIVE 在 2018 年推出的全球首個 VR 流動體驗裝置,就在日本和台灣取得成功之後,終於進駐香港引入相關產品。

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Newzoo: Global Esports Economy Will Top $1 Billion for the First Time in 2019

We are proud to announce that today marks the release of our 2019 Global Esports Market Report, the fifth edition of the landmark report.

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New Sports; The Required Evolution of Esports

The term esports no longer accurately defines the industry nor the culture we have become. For almost a decade I’ve been asked the same question at every panel, sponsor discussion, or general assembly around esports.

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Steam goes to China with the help of Perfect World

Chinese publisher Perfect World is helping Valve to create Steam China, which will bring Steam officially into the Chinese market. This is a huge move that will make Steam a legit platform in the biggest gaming market on the planet.

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亞運電競 騰訊或最贏

中國隊曾在《英雄聯盟》世界頂級電競大賽中擊敗南韓奪冠(圖),他們在今年亞運會中也是摘金大熱。(新華社資料圖片) 今年夏天除了俄羅斯世界盃,還有將於印尼雅加達舉辦的亞運會。一般而言,亞運會的號召力及商

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被污名化的電玩開啟一個新世界:這裏有職業選手,密集訓練,專業比賽,雄厚資本,無數追逐名與利的年輕人。 決戰來到緊張時刻,三千名觀眾緊緊盯著22米寬的巨型螢幕。他們手中的香腸和可樂都懸在了半空。

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