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11 Unique Spotify Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

If you’re among the 205 million people who listen to Spotify, you might have picked up on the buzz surrounding one of the platform’s newest audio offerings, The Michelle Obama Podcast.

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4 Pillars for Raising Entrepreneurial Children

There are kids that grow up ready to take on the world. They have the attitude, the skills and can spot opportunities that are right for them. They are excited about life, they are prepared and know they will handle whatever life throws their way.

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Planning Is Guessing

Watch now 3 minutes Venture Capital Is a Time Bomb Watch now 2 minutes Don’t Play with Other People’s Money Watch now 4 minutes Playing It Small Doesn’t Mean Not Making Money Watch now 3 minutes Great Ideas Derive from Well-Rested Minds Watch now 2 minutes Constraints Are Your Friends Watch now

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找到 PMF 後,新創下一關要打什麼怪?

PMF 後的關卡:Growing User Base、Scalable Business Model

Jessica Liu, Partner (劉侊縈 / 合夥人) 主導東南亞市場以及區塊鏈領域的投資,擅長激發創業者的潛能,熱愛與他們討論商業模式。2010 年進入渣打銀行負責數位行銷和產品線上跨售,讓她燃起對 Consumer Internet 的熱情,2014 加入 AppWor

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The Role Model Mindset: Being a Great Entrepreneur Is About Showing Others What’s Possible

When we talk about , we often think of people who have followed a dream to create a business.

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