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Deliveroo to raise £1bn in IPO giving early investors a 60,000% return on investment

Deliveroo is planning to raise £1 billion in new share sales as it prepares to launch what is expected to be London’s largest initial public offering (IPO) since 2013.

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Deliveroo CEO:疫情令網上訂餐普及率加速 2-3 年

疫情之下,餐廳堂食人流大減,而網上訂餐服務則大行其道。其中 Deliveroo 的 CEO 最近就表示,今次疫情令網上訂餐服務的普及率加速 2-3 年,他們也因此受惠。

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逾5000餐廳或數月內結業 戶戶送促政府施援 延保就業計劃


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First Deliveroo-owned Virtual Brand “Wing It” Launches in Hong Kong as virtual brands boom

Deliveroo, Hong Kong‘s leading food-delivery company, has today announced the arrival of “Wing It,” a virtual chicken wings brand developed and tested by the Deliveroo team in London.

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戶戶送助送餐專員抗疫 提供免費新冠病毒測試

外賣平台戶戶送宣布,與非牟利計劃Project Screen by Circle合作,為送餐專員提供免費的RT-PCR新型冠狀病毒家用測試。

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Deliveroo敗走台灣 (高天佑)


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Deliveroo戶戶送推「戶戶小廚」 虛擬品牌將成大勢力!

上回拾捌堂報導了Deliveroo如何幫助餐廳提升業績,更利用大數據工具幫助分析形勢,提升餐廳業績!Deliveroo香港及台灣區總經理Brian Lo宣布,Deliveroo正在推廣「戶戶小廚」,利用中央廚房形式建立虛擬品牌,以另類型式幫助餐飲

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Amazon reportedly buying a stake in Deliveroo

Amazon is reportedly considering investing hundreds of millions of dollars in Deliveroo, a global food delivery service based in the UK. Deliveroo would be better able to compete with rivals such as Uber Eats and DoorDash thanks to the funding injection, the Sky News report pointed out.

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