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New anti-money-laundering regulations should exclude Hong Kong’s bitcoin ATMs to sustain innovation, says industry body

As Hong Kong’s financial regulators tighten their scrutiny of cryptocurrencies, the machines that dispense bitcoin and other digital tokens may soon be among the last remaining avenues for individual retail traders.

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Hong Kong Tightens Virtual Asset Regulations

Hong Kong is tightening its regulation of virtual assets with a new proposed scheme. The move, spearheaded by the Financial Action Task Force, is directed toward increased compliance for virtual asset service providers.

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Mobile App Stores and Crypto

I have written extensively on this blog over the last decade and a half about the significant negative consequences that the two large mobile operating systems have on distribution of software.

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Alameda Research Co-Leads $1.8M Seed Round for DeFi Protocol Linear Finance

(Shutterstock) A group of strategic investors including quantitative trading firm Alameda Research have led an investment in the decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol Linear Finance. The protocol announced the completion of its $1.

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Enterprise blockchain Alchemy raises $15M and launches its platform worldwide

Alchemy, a San Francisco-based enterprise-grade distributed ledger blockchain company, announced today the worldwide debut of its infrastructure platform and the closure of a $15 million funding round including investors from Pantera Capital, Stanford University and Coinbase Inc.

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Facebook plans to launch ‘GlobalCoin’ currency in 2020

Facebook is finalising plans to launch its own crypto-currency next year. It is planning to set up a digital payments system in about a dozen countries by the first quarter of 2020.

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E*Trade Is Close to Launching Cryptocurrency Trading

E*Trade Financial Corp. is getting ready to let customers trade cryptocurrencies on its platform, according to a person familiar with the matter.

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How a blockchain startup with 1M users is working to break your Google habit

The antitrust argument that says big tech needs breaking up to stop platforms abusing competition and consumers in a two-faced role as seller and (manipulative) marketplace may only just be getting going on a mainstream political stage — but startups have been at the coal face of the fight against

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過去兩周區塊鏈業界的大事之一,是紐約時報報導 Facebook 打算推出自家通證(token),讓 WhatsApp 用戶可以互相轉賬。消息來自紐時,只是加強了可信度和公眾認知,鏈圈早有相關傳言,更指服務會先瞄準印度,因大量印度人經

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Opera adds crypto wallet to its desktop browser, launches anti-Chrome campaign in Europe

Opera has updated its eponymous web browser for desktop platforms with a makeover and a number of features.

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China proposes total ban on cryptocurrency mining

China’s plan to close local cryptocurrency mining facilities would potentially end the country’s dominance in the energy-hungry, yet lucrative industry

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First Hong Kong dollar-backed stablecoin hits crypto exchanges

Bitspark has officially launched Sparkdex.HKD, the world’s first stablecoin “pegged” to the Hong Kong dollar. The Hong Kong-based startup initially developed its cryptocurrency remittance platform to help the territory’s large numbers of foreign domestic workers wire money back home.

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What Bear Markets Look Like – AVC

But it helps to look back to an earlier time, when a new sector was emerging, and understand what can happen. Amazon peaked in the Internet bubble in late 1999 at around $90/share.

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馬君豪博士是非牟利組織香港區塊鏈學會創辦人兼會長,該會致力提升公眾、業界、監管機構及決策者對區塊鏈技術的認識。馬博士畢業於耶魯大學及史丹福大學,擁有康乃爾大學數學哲學博士學位,也是香港 eMALI.

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Three months after launch, this unbanked crypto exchange made $7.5m in profit

With the price of bitcoin soaring past US$10,000 this week, the idea of trading it for a less proven token sounds crazy. But for the nouveau riche of the cryptocurrency world, it’s an opportunity to invest in faster-moving currencies.

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How Floyd Mayweather Helped Two Young Guys From Miami Get Rich

SAN FRANCISCO — Floyd Mayweather, perhaps the greatest boxer of his generation, is not shy about using social media to display the wealth that his years of prize fighting have won him. On Facebook, you can find videos of Mr. Mayweather draped in diamond chains.

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Measurable Data Token

Measurable Data Token (MDT) connects users, data providers, and data buyers and denominates the value of data. It compensates users for sharing anonymous data points while providing data buyers and providers with a more efficient trading model.

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Historic Quarter: CoinDesk Launches Q2 State of Blockchain Report

CoinDesk Research’s Q2 2017 State of Blockchain report summarizes key trends, data and events in the public and enterprise blockchain sectors in the second quarter of 2017. Click here to view the slides in your browser.

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