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Eric Schmidt: China could be AI’s superpower if we don’t act now

As a percentage of GDP, U.S. spending on scientific R&D has sunk to levels not seen since the pre-Sputnik era. 3 minute ReadEx-Google CEO Eric Schmidt is sounding the alarm about the implications of China pulling ahead of the U.S. in artificial intelligence research and development.

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Has China Already Won? According To Former Google CEO, Yes

On Tuesday, former Google CEO Eric Schmidt spoke at the Bipartisan Policy Center about artificial intelligence and global leadership, concluding that China will pretty much be running things from now on.

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U.S. Businesses in China Not Heeding Trump’s Call to Return Home

Supply Lines is a daily newsletter that tracks Covid-19’s impact on trade. Sign up here, and subscribe to our Covid-19 podcast for the latest news and analysis on the pandemic. President Donald Trump says U.S. companies should leave China and return home. A new survey of U.S.

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Startups Weekly: What countries want your startup?

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一招反制美殺TikTok (高天佑)


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余承东:今年的麒麟 9000 可能会是华为自产高端芯片的「绝版」

Huawei 因美国禁令失去 Android 合作而导致的软件短板,给华为手机造成的影响更多是反映在中国以外,还不至于真正伤害到国内市场这个销量根基。但芯片制造供应链上台积电这一重要一环的缺失,带来的打击范围可就要大得多

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China Internet Report 2020

Four years ago, I released the very first edition of the China Internet Report. The goal of the report was simple – to share all my learning about China and how technologies were being applied in daily life in China. Four years fly by.

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晶片無線設備輸港受限 科企不用美零件避開制裁


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