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Evolve獲維港及蓋茨基金投資 美嬰兒益生菌製劑攻港

原文刊於信報財經新聞專欄「StartupBeat創科鬥室」 Evivo入門套裝足夠嬰兒服用4周,售價由638港元起。(Evivo網上圖片) 美國生物科技公司Evolve BioSystems周一(6日)宣布,在香港和新加坡等市場,推出其嬰幼兒益生菌產品Evivo。

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功能介绍 最新鲜犀利的商业见闻,最国际视野的前沿技术,最不常见的独家猛料。钛媒体(www.tmtpost.

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Biotech start-up backed by Li Ka-shing and Bill Gates to launch its immunity-boosting gut bacteria in Hong Kong, Singapore

Evolve BioSystems’ dietary supplement works by reintroducing a beneficial gut bacteria that is missing in today’s babies

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Scientists print first 3D heart using a patient’s own cells

Researchers at Tel Aviv University managed to successfully print the first ever 3D heart that uses cells and biological materials from a patient.

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38 万,克隆一只宠物


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香港Startup唔止得金融科技 創業夢推手:生物科技發展好顯着

上回報道,近20間來自香港的初創公司遠赴三藩市科技創業盛事TechCrunch Disrupt發佈新產品。排名落後全球創業生態圈(Startup Ecosystem)的香港,繼GoGoVan後,能否育成下一隻「獨角獸」?

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Leather grown using biotechnology is about to hit the catwalk

LEATHERMAKING is an ancient craft. The oldest leather artefact found so far is a 5,500-year-old shoe from a cave in Armenia, but paintings in Egyptian tombs show that, 7,000 years ago, leather was being turned into all manner of things, from sandals to buckets to military equipment.

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