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斥美國錯過控制疫情最佳時機 比爾蓋茲:建議實施封鎖6至10週

武漢肺炎疫情重創全球經濟,美國許多地區如加州、紐約、華聖頓等,已下令暫時關閉非必要的業務,導致失業人口激增、股市大跌。微軟創辦人比爾蓋茲(Bill Gates)昨(24)日再對武漢肺炎疫情提出看法,痛批政客認為GDP成長才是最重要的。他認為美國因為防疫方面不夠迅速,已錯過「避免強制封鎖」的最佳時機,

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Bill Gates is still mixing it up at Microsoft in his spare time: ‘I love what’s going on there — it’s fun’

It has been nearly a decade since Bill Gates left his day-to-day role at Microsoft, but he still has a connection to the company, not only as a board member and major shareholder, but also as a part-time technology adviser. So what’s he focusing on in his time there?

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The One Thing Successful People Never Do

Bernard Marr
Best-selling business author and enterprise performance expert

Successful people often paint a picture of the perfect ascent to success. In fact, some of the most successful entrepreneur in the world have failed. Many have failed numerous times but they have never given up.

Let’s look at some examples:

Henry Ford – the pioneer of modern business entrepreneurs and the founder of the Ford Motor Company. Henry Ford failed a number of times on this route to success. His first venture dissolved in a year and a half because the stockholder lost confidence in him. He then was able to gather capital to start again but a year later the financiers forced him out of the company again.

Walt Disney – Before the great success Walt Disney came a number of failures. Walt was fired from an early job at the Kansas City Star Newspaper because he was not creative enough. Then he started his first company called Laugh-O-Gram. It would produce cartoons and short advertising films. One year the company went bankrup and Walt didn’t give up.

Richard Branson – He dropped out of school when he was 16, he then started a student magazine but that didn’t do as well as he hoped. Richard then setup a mail-order record business which did so well that he opened his own record shop called Virgin.

J.K. Rowling – Like so many writers J.K. Rowling received rejections from publishers. At the same time she was a divorced single mum on welfare and that made her story even more inspiring.

Bill Gates – Before Microsoft, Bill Gates, Paul Allen and Paul Gilbert co-founded a business to read data from roadway traffic counters and create automated report on traffic flows. But without a good business that left the company with few customers. The company ran up lossess between 1974 and 1980 before it was closed.

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華爾街日報的AllThingsD Conference,來到今年,已經第10屆。

一如以往,出席者大部分是科技界領䄂。唯獨少了Steve Jobs,Tim Cook第一次補上,其餘出席者包括Ed Catmull、Larry Ellison、Sean Parker,再加上Spotify、LinkedIn和Zynga創辦人,依然星光熠𦒉。


1. 音樂平台Spotify,志在顛覆統音樂消費模式(本地服務Soliton亦受其啟發),現在全球用戶超過2000萬人,付費用戶300萬人。其創辦人Daniel Ek表明,縱使音樂業收入,由450億美元,滑落至150億美元,仍有逾5億人享用免費盜版音樂,市場潛力相當龐大。

2. Facebook股價一沈不起的原因:KPCB的Mary Meeker提供數據清楚顯示,相比早兩年的高增長,Facebook的用戶增長明顯放緩,盈利甚至沒有增長。

3. 向來不屑於雲運算的Larry Ellison,終於改變口風,表示自己「不再抗拒雲運算」,Oracle亦將於六月初推出雲運算服務。與此同時,Ellison讚揚Facebook是改變世界的公司。

4. Tim Cook表明「令人難以置信的產品」即將面世,強調從Steve Jobs身上學會專注未來、不被昔日成功拖後腿的學問。同樣,Tim Cook肯定Facebook的貢獻,認為兩家公司有不少合作的空間。

記憶中最經典一次D Conference,是07年的D5。當時,iPhone面世不久,大會找來Bill Gates和Steve Jobs,讓他們談電腦業的過去、現在和未來。時移世易,當日那場對談,已成為絕響。



近期,全世界都講緊Yahoo的Scott Thompson學歷醜聞。

知唔知 Steve Jobs 哪家大學畢業? Mark Zuckerberg 哪個學系畢業?仲有 Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Lawrence Ellison 呢?

Yahoo's Thompson Asks Employees To Ignore His Resume Scandal – Business Insider.

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