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Link 230 Protections To Opening Up

The latest charade of bringing Jack and Zuck in front of Congress to yell at them reminds me that our elected officials and regulators don’t have a plan for how to properly regulate social media.

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When are we going to know who won the election?

Our portfolio company Recount put out this two minute video primer on the question of “when will we know.” I like getting the information I want in a very short period of time. This does that so well. As usual, @Griffin’s got your answer.

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Circulate Networking Events

My friend and former colleague Charlie O’Donnell created a new kind of networking event for the moment we are in. These are virtual networking events designed to “include diverse perspectives in the innovation community.” They are called Circulate.

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It’s my 59th birthday today. 59 is a nice number. It’s a prime number.

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Some Thoughts On Burn Rates – AVC

The startup and venture capital businesses are based on a general idea that you can and should invest heavily into your business in order to increase value creation, amplify it, and accelerate it.

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