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One of the challenges of writing on the Internet – of writing in general, in fact – is the understandable propensity of readers to draw but one conclusion from what you intend to be a nuanced piece.

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Funding Friday: Americas Food Fund

As we continue to make our way through this pandemic, I keep coming back to the question of how do we help those in the most need right now. Last week it was our health care responders on the front lines, the week before it was workers in the hospitality industry who are now out of work.

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Apple Proves Why Cash Is King

In this piece, we will highlight why Apple Inc. is a source of stable, safe, and growing income during these turbulent times. When it comes to the balance sheet, (net) cash is king as that’s a source of funds for covering future dividend obligations should cash flows come under pressure.

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Apple, Google Pull Hong Kong Protest Apps Amid China Uproar

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Apple Told Some Apple TV+ Show Developers Not To Anger China

We thought trade would bring Western values to China. Instead, it brought Chinese values to Apple. That was how the Global Times, a Chinese Communist Party outlet, covered Apple’s removal of, an app that helped Hong Kong protesters track police, from the iOS App Store.

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Apple’s iPhone Revenue Drops 17%

Apple reported another quarterly decline in profit and revenue, as iPhone sales fell 17%. Shares, though, rose in after-hours trading as the company raised its dividend and said it planned to buy back more stock.

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在上个月的春季发布会上,苹果宣布了一张新的Apple Card信用卡,承诺通过更简单的应用,免费,更低的利率和更好的奖励来改善信用卡体验。

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Phil Schiller Lays Out Apple’s Case for Cracking Down on Screen Time Monitoring Apps

Earlier today, a report from The New York Times highlighted Apple’s removal of a number of App Store apps that had allowed users to monitor usage of their devices or those used by their children.

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欢迎下载腾讯新闻APP,查看更多科技热点新闻 业内皆知,苹果对外被曝光的项目名称为泰坦(Project Titan)计划,也被称作Special Projects Group(SPG)。该项目成立至今,可谓是在不断的质疑中前行。

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