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End of an era: Jeff Bezos bids farewell as Amazon CEO, leaving successor Andy Jassy

This Monday, July 5, marks a new stage in the history of the ecommerce giant, since its founder, Jeff Bezos , will leave the position of CEO of Amazon in the hands of his successor , Andy Jassy .

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Amazon’s private labels

Amazon is a big and very aggressive company, that’s radically changing how retailing works, and that attracts a lot of scrutiny and a lot of criticism. Some of this is entirely justified.

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Amazon delivery drivers have to consent to AI surveillance in their vans or lose their jobs

Amazon is well-known for its technological Taylorism: using digital sensors to monitor and control the activity of its workers in the name of efficiency.

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貝索斯辭任亞馬遜CEO 交棒AWS舵手

貝索斯轉任亞馬遜執行主席,並將繼續參與集團重要項目如太空公司Blue Origin。(法新社資料圖片)

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Wondery to join Amazon Music

We’re pleased to announce that Wondery—an innovative podcast publisher with a track record of creating and producing top-rated podcasts—has signed an agreement to join Amazon Music.

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Read the letter Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos just sent to employees about the coronavirus: ‘Things are going to get worse before they get better’

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國際藝文業界上周有兩件大事,一是法國電訊大亨Patrick Drahi豪擲37億美元收購蘇富比(Sotheby’s),二是英國最大書店集團Waterstones斥6.

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Dinner and a Movie? Amazon Alexa Makes It Easier to Do Both

Amazon’s Alexa is ready to broaden its one-track mind. The virtual assistant can deliver weather forecasts and traffic updates, and tap more than 90,000 additional functions, or “skills,” contributed by outside developers.

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A first look at Amazon’s new delivery drone

For the first time, Amazon today showed off its newest fully electric delivery drone at its first re:Mars conference in Las Vegas. Chances are, it neither looks nor flies like what you’d expect from a drone.

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Amazon reportedly buying a stake in Deliveroo

Amazon is reportedly considering investing hundreds of millions of dollars in Deliveroo, a global food delivery service based in the UK. Deliveroo would be better able to compete with rivals such as Uber Eats and DoorDash thanks to the funding injection, the Sky News report pointed out.

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A doorbell company owned by Amazon wants to start producing “crime news” and it’ll definitely end well

When news organizations think about competition from tech companies, it’s usually in terms of the audience’s attention and advertisers’ dollars. But if Amazon has its way, a new sort of competition may be coming from a mixture of surveillance, fear, and doorbells.

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The making of Amazon Prime, the internet’s most successful and devastating membership program

It’s easy to forget now, but Amazon wasn’t always the king of online shopping. In the fall of 2004, Jeff Bezos’s company was still mostly selling just books and DVDs. That same year, Amazon was under siege from multiple sides.

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Which Tech Company Is Uber Most Like? Its Answer May Surprise You

SAN FRANCISCO — Pop quiz: Which technology company does Uber, the ride-hailing giant on the cusp of an initial public offering, consider itself to be the most like? Is it Lyft, its rival North American ride-hailing firm? Nope.

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世界首富用 AI 开除“兄弟”

功能介绍 最新鲜犀利的商业见闻,最国际视野的前沿技术,最不常见的独家猛料。钛媒体(www.tmtpost.

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除畢非德(Warren Buffett)的巴郡致股東信外,貝索斯(Jeff Bezos)的亞馬遜致股東信同樣不容錯過。 今年巴郡致股東信中,貝索斯先列出一系列數字,從1999年的3%,去到上年的58%。到底是什麼來的?這便是本欄反覆強調的第三方

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Amazon to offer broadband access from orbit with 3,236-satellite ‘Project Kuiper’ constellation

Amazon is joining the race to provide broadband internet access around the globe via thousands of satellites in low Earth orbit, newly uncovered filings show.

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Amazon Is Making a Rival to Apple’s AirPods as Its First Alexa Wearable Inc. is trying a new way to take its Alexa digital assistant mobile: wireless earbuds that mirror Apple Inc.’s popular AirPods.

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亞馬遜封王贏面高 落注PayPal待爆發


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Amazon is planning a push into digital advertising in 2018, challenging Google and Facebook

Amazon has been quietly experimenting with various advertising products across its portfolio and off its website, according to interviews with half a dozen ad buyers and technology partners. And it’s getting ready to make waves in 2018.

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Amazon launches ‘Subscribe with Amazon,’ a marketplace for digital subscriptions

Amazon has made headway in the subscription business with its Subscribe & Save feature for consumers, which offers discounted pricing on products if you agree to buy on a recurring basis.

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AWS Takes Aim at Call Center Industry

Alexa is coming to customer call centers. Amazon Web Services is preparing to sell software to help companies manage their call centers, based on software Amazon developed for its retail call centers, according to a person who’s been briefed on the plans.

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Amazon now has a programmable Dash Button for the IoT

Amazon has revealed a programmable Dash Button which can be assigned to any product or purpose, a customizable version of its one-touch reordering gadgets.

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Press Release

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Apr. 28, 2016–, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) today announced financial results for its first quarter ended March 31, 2016. Operating cash flow increased 44% to $11.3 billion for the trailing twelve months, compared with $7.

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The Amazon Tax

Earlier today we rolled out Amazon S3, our reliable, highly scalable, low-latency data storage service.

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Amazon Quietly Removes Encryption Support from its Gadgets

While Apple is fighting the FBI in court over encryption, Amazon quietly disabled the option to use encryption to protect data on its Android-powered devices.

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Amazon would move into closer competition with Apple Inc. (AAPL), which sells its own set-top box called Apple TV. The device would also compete with products from Roku Inc. and Boxee Inc., as well as gaming consoles from Microsoft Corp. and Sony Corp. that deliver video programming.

The project is being run by Malachy Moynihan, a former vice president at Cisco Systems Inc. who worked on the networking giant’s various consumer video initiatives. In the late 1980s and 1990s, Moynihan spent nine years at Apple.


“It would certainly make some sense,” said Jason Krikorian, a general partner at venture-capital firm DCM, and the former co-founder of Sling Media, who does not have knowledge of Amazon’s plans. “They have a ton of content, an existing billing relationship with millions of users.”


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Jeff Bezos:「選擇塑造了我們的人生。」



每天下午,我們都會看肥皂劇,尤其是「我們的歲月」。我的祖父母參加了一個房車俱樂部,那是一群駕駛Airstream拖掛型房車的人們,他們結伴遍遊美國和加拿大。每隔幾個夏天,我也會加入他 們。我們把房車掛在祖父的小汽車後面,然後加入300餘名Airstream探險者們組成的浩蕩隊伍。















我告訴妻子MacKenzie想辭去工作,然後去做這件瘋狂的事情,很可能會失敗,因為大部分創業公司都是如此,而且我不確定那之後會發生什麼。 MacKenzie告訴我,我應該放手一搏。在我還是一個男孩兒的時候,我是車庫發明家。我曾用水泥填充的輪胎、雨傘和錫箔以及報警器製作了一個自動關門器。我一直想做一個發明家,MacKenzie支持我追隨內心的熱情。


















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邊度有Diablo 3買?

  1. 便利店(只有中文版,只可連結台灣伺服器,要聽普通話…
  2. Amazon(國際英文版,但連運費要$650,不划算)
  3. 銅鑼灣HMV(國際英文版,但要快手,賣晒就無)
  4. (國際英文版或中文版,但要買點數,再下載)




Amazon公佈新平板電腦Kindle Fire,很快,像「iPad殺手」、「挑戰蘋果」的標題很快會攻佔主流媒體。實情是,Kindle對Amazon而言,與其說是新產品,倒不如說是整體策略的一部分,更為貼切。基本上,就算是過去幾代的Kindle,Amazon從來都不是以銷售硬件作為主要收入,甚至需要靠補貼來出售Kindle,像Google一樣,Amazon擁有電子產品以外的主業,推出Kindle,首要目的,是要搶佔作為任何電子內容包括書籍、報章、雜誌、電影、電視以至音樂的主要銷售渠道的地位。

在設計iPad的時候,Steve Jobs思考的問題是「如何一塊平板上,重新定義和設計電腦這回事?」而在設計Kindle的時候,Jeff Bezos考慮的卻是「為了重新定義和設計資訊的發佈,我們可以做些什麼?」。換言之,iPad和Kindle要解決是斷然不同的問題。唯一的相同之處,是它們都決意改變世界的一些運作及現狀,這兩家公司,用「偉大」來形容均絕不過份。



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