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Professor Kelvin Kam-fai Tsoi

Professor Kelvin Tsoi is an Epidemiologist specialized in Digital Health.

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2020 上半年台灣 AI 生態系地圖,後疫情時代浮現的新機會

Norman Chi, Analyst (紀泳瑜 / 分析師) 負責投資與基金管理。在加入 AppWorks 之前,曾於勤業眾信審計部門服務近兩年,參與過的財務報表查核案件橫跨多個產業。畢業於台大會計系,學生時期曾擔任台大學生會活動部部長與會計系系

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AI難取代管理決策系統 (車品覺)

加拿大蒙特利爾大學的Yoshua Bengio是深度學習的先驅,他說:「任何接觸過機器學習的人都知道,這些系統會犯上很愚蠢的錯誤。例如簡單地把圖像中的物體翻轉,就足以讓一些分類器出現誤差。根源在於,深度神經網路沒有一個好的模式來快速把握重點。當AI把一張被篡改的獅子照片識別為圖書館時,人們看到的仍然是獅子,因為他們心中有一個動物的模型,是依賴於長久積累的認知(常識),包括獅子的耳朵和尾巴等,而不是依賴一些沒關聯的細節。從以往的經驗中知道哪些是重點,這源於對世界結構的深刻理解。


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AI in medicine might be overhyped

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Boston startup using AI, remote monitoring to fight coronavirus

A Boston-based startup has been tapped to help doctors and researchers in Hong Kong combat the growing coronavirus outbreak. Biofourmis is using its wearable and artificial intelligence technology to aid with disease surveillance and to help researchers better understand the illness.

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Peter Thiel claims AI is “Leninist” and “literally communist” in a sprawling speech for a think tank

On November 13, noted vampire capitalist Peter Thiel gave a speech to donors at the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research conservative think-tank on “The End of the Computer Age.

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Beijing’s AI dominance may depend on how many US-educated Chinese want to return home

This article is co-written by Coco Feng. After working in the US for more than a decade, Zheng Yefeng felt he had hit a glass ceiling. He also saw that the gap in AI between China and the US was narrowing.

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政府採人工智能所遇挑戰 (車品覺)

本文作者車品覺,為紅杉資本中國基金專家合夥人、阿里巴巴集團前副總裁,為《信報》撰寫專欄「全民大數據」。 政府部門對人工智能感到難以入手,主要障礙是人才與創新期望不配合。(Freepik網上圖片)

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China urged to step up research in AI race with the US

China risks a catastrophic loss in competitive advantage to the US in AI if it does not invest more in basic research, according to Peking University professor Wang Liwei.

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