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Introducing Video on Instagram from Instagram on Vimeo.


  1. It’s no accident Facebook made Instagram’s new videos exactly as long as a television commercial
  2. Instagram Video Vs. Vine: What’s The Difference?
  3. Instagram Launches 15-Second Video Sharing Feature, With 13 Filters And Editing
  4. Instagram finally gets video: is 15 seconds too much? (hands-on)
  5. Facebook launches new Instagram video stabilization feature ‘Cinema’

拆解內容營銷(Content Marketing)

Tara Hunt


A. Product
These are posts about your product itself: the features, the benefits, the comparisons and the contrasts. It’s the who, what, when, where and how of what you are selling.
Product posts are the “me, me, me” posts. They are the ones that most resemble the traditional marketing one-way message, though many companies are trying to create interaction with these by adding a sharing, liking or commenting incentive (share to enter a contest, like to get a coupon, comment to let us know how you would wear this, etc).

B. Brand
Brand type posts still relate to your product, but focus more on the “why” by empathizing with your audience and connecting with them on a more emotional level.
Brand posts answer the question, “Why would YOU give a damn about my product?” but they don’t list the features and benefits, they talk more about the customer and how they serve the customer’s needs.

C. Lifesytle
Lifestyle type posts don’t directly relate to your product, but they do speak to your audience. They are posts that recognize memes, holidays, current events and pop culture. These posts connect to your audience by recognizing what else is going on in their minds and show that your company gets the audience.

D. Community
Community type posts focus on your customers and audience. These content posts highlight customer stories, ideas, feedback and lifestyles.
Community type posts most likely won’t be your most shared or liked post, but they empower your customers to be involved with your brand, which is important for relationship building.

The Content Mix
These four classifications aren’t black and white. A product post can have lifestyle and brand type elements. Community posts can also be brand. The mix also varies depending on your audience and your own goals.
The overall purpose of content marketing is to build and connect with your audience, get feedback to improve your product, grow loyalty though involving your customers in your evolution and then help your loyal, loving audience spread the word for you, bringing in a larger audience.



Ryan Holmes

CEO at HootSuite

1. Be loyal. In business, loyalty can be a huge asset. I’ve learned that surrounding yourself with a loyal team is one of the key factors to success. BUT, this should all be taken with a grain of salt. Blind loyalty helps nobody. If I know that a team member is—after a certain fair amount of time—not doing the job they were hired to do, or if a business ally is starting to look out for only his best interests, I will make the tough call to part ways.

2. Trust your instincts. In business, it can be very important to trust your instincts. Faulty data, miscommunications, even people with interests that aren’t aligned with your own can get in the way of making the best decisions. It can also waste a lot of time to be constantly second-guessing things.

3. Know what you want and be super persistent about getting it. Persistence pays, and nobody knows that better than a dog. I’ve often been told that I am also very persistent when it comes to work. Indeed, I had to be when it came to finding the funding that launched my company. But many of my successful colleagues share the same trait. It’s very, very important in business to not give up. Legend has it that Walt Disney was turned down by 302 banks before he got the funding he needed to open Disneyland.

4. If you’re going to do it, do it 110%. Once you’ve decided to do something (after assessing the potential risks and benefits), why not reach for the stars with it? I’ve found that in business, if you strive to hit a place one or two steps beyond the foreseeable goal, the realm of possibilities expands. It’s how I plan things and I like to encourage my employees do the same: push past boundaries and pursue opportunities that they might have initially thought impossible or too big.

5. Unplug. Go outside and play. I answer hundreds of emails a day, but I’m also just as active in things like yoga, cycling and rock climbing. I love the outdoors. I make an effort to ensure that I’m not stuck in an office staring at a screen for hours (or days) on end. With technology penetrating our lives and jobs more than ever, it’s easy to be online and working 24-7. But it’s very important to regularly de-stress and refresh your mind and body. In fact, there’s a lot of research that suggests exercise can even improve productivity.





AllThingsD: Daily active users as a percentage of monthly active users — usually a good sign of how engaged users are — is very slowly yet very steadily on the rise, at about 60 percent compared to 55 percent since Q1 of 2011.

Mark Zuckerberg 在回答 Instagram 策略的時候,亦將「增長」放於比「廣告」更優先的位置,箇中原因很明顯了吧~

Techcrunch: CEO Mark Zuckerberg said today during the company’s Q1 earnings call. Adding ads could end up stunting Instagram’s rapid growth. He said, more than once during the call, that Instagram is currently growing at a faster rate than FB did at the same age, and it now has 100 million users.


Facebook Q1 業績公佈:

  1. Hit $1.46 billion in revenue up 38% from Q1 2012, beating Wall Street estimates of sales of $1.44 billion.
  2. FB reported earnings of $1.06 billion for the same quarter a year ago. Earnings per shared missed estimates, staying flat at $0.12
  3. Net income was up 7% to $219 million, versus $205 million a year ago.
  4. The amount of its 1.11 billion monthly users that returned daily, 665 million, was slightly better than last quarter.
  5. The percentage of Facebook’s total ad revenue that came from mobile surged to 30%, up from 23% last quarter.

重點:App Install Ads(Facebook推銷)

  • Facebook App Install Ads were the star of Facebook’s earnings call.
  • 3800 developers used the ads to drive over 25 million installs.
  • 40% of the top 100 iOS and Android app developers bought these ads in the last week of Q1 alone.
  • App Commerce to monetize traffics and communities.


  • Chief Accounting Officer David Spillane is leaving the company. Spillane had been the company’s revenue controller since 2008, overseeing growth and IPO. He is getting replaced by Jas Athwal effective May 10.


  • Revenue from advertising was $1.25 billion, representing 85% of total revenue and a 43% increase from the same quarter last year.
  • Mobile advertising revenue represented approximately 30% of advertising revenue for the first quarter of 2013.
  • Payments (像 Zynga 社交遊戲那樣的 In-app purchase) and other fees revenue was $213 million for the first quarter of 2013.

最大疑問 ─ 產品

  • Facebook Home first 5 days download: 500,000 only
  • Graph Search 普及和使用情況?


Dennis Crowley

CEO of Foursquare

I think there are a lot of people that think we don’t know how to generate revenue, that we aren’t generating revenue. This is wrong… We’ve been building merchant tools all along. We’ve seen revenue growth every month, and March was our biggest revenue month so far.

We’re signing six-figure deals with national merchants. We’ve already got a million merchants claiming their business page — we can just say ‘Would you like to spend $50, $100 dollars to drive X number people into your store?” These aren’t just ad impressions they’re paying for. We only count when we actually bring people into your store.


  1. Here Is How Foursquare Plans On Turning Your Life Into Ads
  2. Foursquare redesigns web listing pages for its 50M site visitors after Explore usage doubles in 2 months Station123


The ads display more than 40 products (including tissues, plastic litter bins, and cooking pans) along with QR codes leading to the Pricerite mobile site, where consumers will find more than 100 products on sale for 15 per cent off and home delivery.

Both a Pricerite spokesperson and Amy Chan, MD of JCDecaux Transport, acknowledge that the concept is inspired by a 2011 campaign for Tesco in South Korea, which went on to win a Grand Prix at Cannes


在 Google Play Store 上的 Facebook Home 軟件,只有少量的 Android 手機獲支援,而且限於局部的地區和國家。為此,MoDaCo 創辦人 Paul O’Brien 提出了破解方法,避開 Facebook Home 的 Checking,讓較進階的用戶,也可以安裝到 Facebook Home(此安裝涉及風險,後果自負):


On an unsupported device? No option to activate Facebook Home? Don’t worry, I have you covered! I’ve patched the Facebook application to remove the device check. You need to uninstall your existing Facebook, Messenger and Home applications (necessary because the patched versions are re-signed), then install the patched Facebook main app (katana) – DOWNLOAD (ROMraid), the patched Messenger app (orca) – DOWNLOAD (ROMraid) and the patched Home app – DOWNLOAD (ROMraid). Sign in and in the Facebook application’s ‘Settings’ menu the Facebook Home option should appear for you!


  1. Here’s How To Get Facebook Home Running On Nearly Any Android Device
  2. The second coming of Facebook

尹思哲:Facebook Home 負評如潮


部分用戶可以在 Google Play 下載,撰文這刻,只有約5萬用戶下載(我的HTC和ThinkPad Tablet也不支援)。不過,心水情的用戶,如果望望 Play Store 的用戶評分,就會看見「1星」負評佔了大多數。


  1. Hours in, Facebook Home suffering from poor Google Play reviews as 48% of users award it 1 star
  2. Facebook’s Latest Home Commercial Is Just The Right Amount Of Weird
  3. Facebook Home available to download on select Android devices

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