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2014.05.14康熙來了完整版 說對話能讓你從地獄到天堂



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New Sports; The Required Evolution of Esports

The term esports no longer accurately defines the industry nor the culture we have become. For almost a decade I’ve been asked the same question at every panel, sponsor discussion, or general assembly around esports.

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報章管理中的領導、 策略和改革 – 陳景祥

人們常以為領導一般都是要操縱和改變別人,作出許多改動,但我認為領導者能和人溝通是最重要的。 本文根據2002 年1 至2 月由香港新聞行政人員協會等舉辦的「傳媒管理課程」研討會中的演講錄音筆錄而成。

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Satellite startups turn to reinventing broadband, mapping and other industries

Smartphones have disrupted transportation, payments and communication. But the underlying technology has tangentially changed a completely different sector: satellites.

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[ CLIP ] 林忆莲 林俊杰《江南》《梦想的声音2》EP.12 20180119 /浙江卫视官方HD/

[ FULL ] 第1期: JJ敬腾相爱相杀互挖坑 Hebe首秀美呆众人 《梦想的声音》20161104 /浙江卫视官方HD/

7/7/2018 深宵Loudzone 為英國歡呼 ,為林鄭悲哀

《信報財經月刊》7月號:金正恩經濟學 北韓外貿蓬勃 錢主崛起

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[ 超人气!] 林俊杰 JJ Lin 《梦想的声音》音乐合辑全二季 Sound of My Dream Music Album /浙江卫视官方HD/

2015.05.10開放新中國/陸瘋創業 「Wework」聯合辦公室盛行

Anthony Levandowski is back with a new self-driving startup, called

This is a comeback story. Or at least the first chapter to one. Anthony Levandowski, the former Google engineer and serial entrepreneur who was at the center of a trade secrets lawsuit between Uber and Waymo, is back.

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80後情侶辭筍工買船生活 日打三份兼職養船

Update | AI 医疗影像平台「视见科技」完成亿元 A 轮融资,将探索更多临床应用场景


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Facial recognition software is not ready for use by law enforcement

Recent news of Amazon’s engagement with law enforcement to provide facial recognition surveillance (branded “Rekognition”), along with the almost unbelievable news of China’s use of the technology, means that the technology industry needs to address the darker, more offensive side of some o

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《美麗新世界 Brave New World》

《美麗新世界》是英國作家阿道斯.赫胥黎(Aldous Huxley)於1932發表的反烏托邦小說。「反烏托邦」這個題材在最近十分熱門,各領域的作品,如《飢餓遊戲》、《心靈判官》等,也在商業上獲得成功。其實,《美麗新世界》是我

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Chinese AI unicorn Sensetime leads $75m Series B for Helian Health

Hangzhou-based hospital wifi provider Helian Health has closed a $75-million Series B round led by AI unicorn Sensetime, valuing the former at $900 million, according to local media reports. The round was joined by Hangzhou government-backed Wanxiang Investment and Hangzhou Lianchuan Investment.

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Women-led ventures make up only 22 per cent of accelerator participants in Indonesia: Report

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Amid ‘idiotic blockchain phase,’ EY and Microsoft tout smart contracts

In an effort to demonstrate there are actual uses for blockchain technology, global professional services biz EY and Microsoft have teamed up to offer companies a way to manage rights and royalties.

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#TIASG2015 Highlights: Differences between 500 Startups and YCombinator



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