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逾100家企業致信強森 警告脫歐將加劇英國就業問題

有100個企業致信英國首相強森(Boris Johnson),強調脫歐將加劇英國企業的就業問題。(美聯社)

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How to Successfully Start a New Job While Working Remotely

It’s hard to think of any professions that haven’t been impacted by the COVID-19 global pandemic.

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The Wall Street Journal aims for a younger audience with Noted, an Instagram-heavy news and culture magazine

The Wall Street Journal has been previewing Noted, a monthly digital “news and culture” magazine for 18- to 34-year-olds, for the past couple of months, and on Tuesday it officially launched. Noted, whose tagline is “For you. With you.

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Professor Kelvin Kam-fai Tsoi

Professor Kelvin Tsoi is an Epidemiologist specialized in Digital Health.

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Coronavirus panic: 36 cities and counties on the rise – is YOUR area affected?

New confirmed cases are rising across 36 of the 151 upper-tier local authorities in England as the country moves through its lockdown phases. The city of Leicester has made headlines, as it is being heralded as potentially the first city to go back into lockdown.

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【逃走他鄉】英國五大港人優勝工種 識廣東話比普通話更吃香 倫敦做建築工平均年賺63萬

在考慮移民時,往往第一個問題是:去到英國如何生存?香港其實有不少人才,擁有各種技能,絕對有資格取得入場券,並在英國職場發光發亮,以下羅列數種香港人比較容易從事的工種,供大家參考。 兩文三語是香港人的最大優勢,在一些英國求職網站中,如果輸入cantonese或mandarin的…

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梁立慧Lydia到來見面的那一個下午,她剛去了一間診所,介紹她公司的產品:Belun ring。   Lydia說:「這是一隻神奇指環,Belun是Belong的意思。一隻可以收集身體數據,為睡眠窒息症作出評估的倍靈指環。」

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