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Handy出租旅遊手機由香港90後郭頌賢(Terence Kwok)創辦,宣稱是繼WeLab及商湯科技後,香港第3間獨角獸企業。 所謂「獨角獸」,即成立不

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How a Hong Kong startup gets caught up in US-China trade war

Taylor Host has been operating his artificial intelligence startup out of Hong Kong for more than two years. The American entrepreneur has clients from Europe, North America and Asia, but he settled in the city for its adjacency to Southeast Asia and mainland China’s massive market.

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第二屆 香港出版雙年獎


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功勞歸於信報出版Janet & Denise






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Curve, the ‘over-the-top’ banking platform, raises $55M at a $250M valuation

Curve, the London-based “over-the-top banking platform,” has raised $55 million in new funding. The startup lets you consolidate all of your bank cards into a single Curve card and app to make it easier to manage your spending and access other benefits.

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Shionogi Concludes Licensing Agreements with Eddingpharm for Lusutrombopag, a Thrombopoietin Receptor Agonist

OSAKA, Japan, /PRNewswire/ — Shionogi & Co., Ltd. (hereafter “Shionogi” or “the Company”) announces that the Company has concluded an agreement with Eddingpharm (hereafter “Eddingpharm”) to license-out lusutrombopag, a thrombopoietin receptor agonist (brand name in Japan: MULPLETA®).

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Live Long And Prosper: How Anne Wojcicki’s 23andMe Will Mine Its Giant DNA Database For Health And Wealth

Anne Wojcicki is 45 minutes late, something so encoded in her habits as 23andMe’s CEO that employees have stopped complaining about it. They know it’s hardwired.

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Sophia Genetics bags $77M Series E, with 850+ hospitals signed up to its ‘data-driven medicine’

Another sizeable cash injection for big data biotech: Sophia Genetics has announced a $77 million Series E funding round, bringing its total raised to $140 million since the business was founded back in 2011.

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啟動生物科技引擎 創科激發營商潛力


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The NBA just invested in this hot AI startup to train and find its next crop of global superstars

During the NBA draft three weeks ago, Zion Williamson was the number-one pick for the New Orleans Pelicans. Today, the AI-powered basketball training app HomeCourt is being drafted by the NBA to help it find and develop the next Zion.

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NBA announces first-of-its-kind strategic partnership with NEX Team’s Homecourt app

NEW YORK – The National Basketball Association (NBA) today announced a strategic partnership and equity stake with NEX Team Inc., a leading mobile artificial intelligence company and

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Fear of protests disrupting operations forces companies in Admiralty to look for co-working space

Inquiries from companies based in Admiralty for co-working space have risen amid uncertainty over the protests.

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How A.I. Helped Improve Crowd Counting in Hong Kong Protests

Crowd estimates for Hong Kong’s large pro-democracy protests have been a point of contention for years. The organizers and the police often release vastly divergent estimates. This year’s annual pro-democracy protest on Monday, July 1, was no different.

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Tel Aviv – June 10, 2019 – Delta Galil Industries, Ltd. (DELT/Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, DELTY.

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鄭家純三仔做董事 新創建入股TNG錢包

眼看微信支付、支付寶在大陸異常成功,香港地產商不想錯失在本地的商機。除了李嘉誠旗下長和(001)夥拍馬雲的螞蟻金服,注資近6億元搞「支付寶 HK」,本地薑TNG Wallet原來已引入鄭家純旗下新創建(659)為股東,鄭家純三

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港產AI機械人Sophia 未來學識彈琴畫畫

由本港人工智能(AI)初創Hanson Robotics研發的人工智能機械人Sophia,有表情、能對話,兩年前它獲得沙特阿拉伯的公民身份,更是AI界的一大突破。該企今年新上任的首席執行官林如瓊(Jeanne Lim),接受專訪介紹Sophia的技術發展

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羅素1000指數將重組 納入熱門Uber、Lyft和Beyond Meat

Russell 1000 指數下週五盤後將進行年度重組,納入的新成分股包括今年最熱門 IPO,如 Uber (UBER-US)、Lyft(LYFT-US) 和 Beyond Meat(BYND-US)。

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China’s Biggest Startups Ditch Oracle and IBM for Home-Made Tech

Sign up for Next China, a weekly email on where the nation stands now and where it’s going next. For years, companies like Oracle and International Business Machines invested heavily to build new markets in China for their industry-leading databases. Now, boosted in part by escalating U.S.

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做一個功能和 WhatsApp 一模一樣的 App,需要準備多少錢?


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「導航犬」助視障者出行 可室內定位


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A Unicorn Lost in the Valley, Evernote Blows Up the ‘Fail Fast’ Gospel

Smiling cryptically, Ian Small, the chief executive of Evernote, handed me some socks. Nice ones: black in the calf, striped in the foot, with matching pops of sky blue at the toe, heel and welt. The knit was Japanese, dense and springy, and contained 1 percent polyurethane.

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李嘉诚旗下的长和正在加速布局欧洲的5G网络,希望在即将到来的5G时代占得市场先机。 意大利运营商Fastweb与长江和记集团旗下Wind Tre近日宣布一项策略协议,借助双方各自的优势,合作加快部署推出意大利最先进的全国5G网络

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任正非 : 今年招2 : 0名天才少年,未来拖着世界往前走


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Animoca Brands acquires Gamma to boost gamer audience and distribution capabilities

[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Gamasutra and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource GamesPress.] Animoca Brands to acquire 100% of Gamma Innovations Inc.

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Libra — initial thoughts

Facebook just released a White Paper and did a code dump for their Libra project. Code dumps are usually a bad sign. It means that code was developed in private, and you always need to ask exactly why that is.

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Lynk Global joins the World Economic Forum

HONG KONG–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Lynk, pioneer of the Knowledge-as-a-Service (KaaS) industry, is actively engaged with the World Economic Forum’s Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution to foster the revolution’s technological advancements and benefits.

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Hong Kong co-working operators set to raise rates as consolidation weeds out weaker rivals

Monthly rent of US$741 for 60 sq ft of co-working space in Hong Kong already the highest among 14 cities in Asia-Pacific Colliers sees consolidation in the co-working segment as overexpansion has made it unprofitable for some players.

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健身App玩運動送代幣 (OliveX 林基偉)

Lympo Squat可藉鏡頭及AI技術,偵測用戶肢體動作,並計算深蹲次數賺取代幣。(OliveX圖片)

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