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Next-Level Autonomously Flying Indoor Security Camera | Ring Always Home Cam

As local news outlets shift to subscription, they wonder: What should Facebook’s role be?

European local news publishers are moving toward publishing less but better and more differentiated content — and they want readers to pay up, according to a study out Thursday from Oxford’s Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism.

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5 Powerful Self-Care Ideas for When Life Is Stressful

Stress doesn’t discriminate. It affects everyone, invariably in different ways. Regardless of how stress shows up in your life, I think we can all agree that it’s present. When it does show up, it takes over the show.

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Study adds weight to link between COVID-19 and vitamin D

It has been suggested that vitamin D3 supplementation could be a potentially promising and safe approach to reduce risk of COVID-19 infections and deaths​.

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This is not a city: Milton Keynes

A visitor to Milton Keynes may be inclined to consider the 1960s ‘new town’, with its wide boulevards and modernist architecture, as one of the 69 cities in the UK.

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[港人在英] 曼徹斯特 Manchester重新創業 分享城市最新現況 | 2020年


Financial Times

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