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Gaming unicorn, Animoca Brands, unravels the metaverse, NFTs and play-to-earn at Web Wednesday Hong Kong

Internet entrepreneur, Napoleon Biggs, grills Robby Yung, CEO of Animoca Brands, Hong Kong’s latest tech unicorn, about the rapidly evolving Web 3 ecosystem, covering blockchain gaming, the NFT phenomenon, interoperable virtual worlds (“metaverses”), creator economies and new ways to make a living.

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SOSV leads $1m round of 🇭🇰 restaurant management firm

Hong Kong-based Bistrochat, which provides booking and loyalty management solutions to restaurants, has raised US$1 million in a funding round led by SOSV.

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36氪首发 | 提供CV为主的视频解决方案,「范特科技」获数千万元Pre-A轮融资


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林宥嘉 Yoga Lin [說謊 Fairy Tale] Official MV


🧔裝監控系統, 限你時, 限你App
🧒嘿, format部機, 再裝過啲遊戲
🧔少年你太年輕了, 看我再出招…



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初創治理, DAO, Web3 – Ben Cheng@Oursky

NFT Artist, Founder, Web3 – Gary Lee@NEKO

《財科暗戰 – 章濤直播訪問》香港土炮區塊鏈驗證人Forbole 創辦人 — 阿崑與Terence

Asia comes late, with hangups, to the SPAC party

HONG KONG, Jan 13 (Reuters Breakingviews) – Competitors don’t always care who wins, so long as they beat their fiercest rival. Two blank-cheque companies are due to price this week in Singapore’s first such listings read more .

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OpenSea, Web3, and Aggregation Theory

This was originally sent as a subscriber-only Update. The NFT-marketplace OpenSea is in talks to raise at a $13 billion valuation in a deal led by Coatue, sources tell me. Paradigm will also co-lead the $300 million funding round, according to a spokesperson for the firm.

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Fosun Pharma and Insilico Medicine Partner on Drug Discovery and Development Using Artificial Intelligence

Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical (Fosun Pharma), a China-based healthcare group, and Insilico Medicine, a US-based artificial intelligence (AI)-driven drug discovery and development company, announced on Jan.

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Finblox pays an extraordinary 90% APY for Axie Infinity tokens

Currently, there are several techniques to revenue from cryptocurrencies other than “buy low and sell high”. One of the “easiest”

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Hackers disrupt payroll for thousands of employers — including hospitals

A month-old ransomware attack is still causing administrative chaos for millions of people, including 20,000 public transit workers in the New York City metro area, public service workers in Cleveland, employees of FedEx and Whole Foods, and medical workers across the country who were already dealin

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Top of the class

The University of St Andrews has been ranked the top university in the United Kingdom, according to The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2022 published today (17 September 2021).

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What is Web3? Here Are Some Ways To Explain It To A Friend

Since Web3 emerged in 2014 as a term to describe the new types of protocols that enable decentralized consensus, it has now come to describe an entire ecosystem of public blockchains, applications, and even design philosophies.

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Comprehensive Instructions for Darts

By far the most commonly used design of darts board today is the “clock” or “trebles” board and that is the only board that will be considered in these instructions. A good board should be made from vegetable fibre and is called a “bristle board”.

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Second Life Founder Returns to Take On the Metaverse

Philip Rosedale is coming back to the digital world he created to help inject growthResume Subscription

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1.使用隱藏角色及相同角色對戰 標題展示開始時1P輸入↑、X、↓、B、←、L、→、R、↑、X、↓、B、←、L、→、R。成功的話會聽到聲音。

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Beijing Regulations Could Remake China’s Startup Scene

Hi all, this is Zheping in Hong Kong. A major shift is underway in China’s startup scene. But first… China’s largest tech companies have long been its largest venture capital investors, too. Now—as Beijing’s anti-monopoly crusade rages on—the country’s startup ecosystem is changing.

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Hong Kong Fintech Unicorn WeLab To Enter Increasingly Crowded Indonesian Digital Banking Market

WeLab, a fintech unicorn startup based in Hong Kong, is planning to launch a digital bank in Indonesia in the second half of this year, following its $240 million deal to buy a controlling stake in Bank Jasa Jakarta.

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China’s Tencent Takes Stake in UK Challenger Bank Monzo

Tencent, the Chinese-based tech group, has a new stake in Monzo, which shows a big recovery in Monzo’s fortunes as it’s now valued at $4.5 billion, Financial Times writes.

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Why Traveloka may have been wise to give up SPAC route

When the SPAC market was ultra hot, Indonesia’s Traveloka was among several notable firms in the region that planned to ride the wave.

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SFC 幽遊白書 流羅對戰主角團


由ilivehere調查和公佈最新的『英格蘭最差的居住城市 WORST PLACES TO LIVE IN ENGLAND 2022』 ,今年他們的這項調查突破過往的人數,數據是由110,172的ilivehere讀者投票結果所得。

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My first impressions of web3

Despite considering myself a cryptographer, I have not found myself particularly drawn to “crypto.

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去年11月,岛国一名35岁男子宣布要和二次元偶像初音未来结婚,并邀请了39位朋友见证他们俩的婚礼。 与二次元角色结婚,日本人应该是第一个吧?

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