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Mobile App Stores and Crypto

I have written extensively on this blog over the last decade and a half about the significant negative consequences that the two large mobile operating systems have on distribution of software.

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How to Replicate the Benefits of ‘Vacation Anticipation’

Remember back in March and early April when we were all panic-buying supplies to prepare for spending a few weeks hunkered down in our homes? Our new lockdown lifestyle seemed like something we’d live through for a period of time, and then life—including the summer—would resume, mostly as usua

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Apis Partners leads US$15 million investment in Prenetics

Investment will go into game-changing rapid COVID-19 test, highly accurate, results in 15-30 minutes, no lab required, low-cost. In discussions with Governments globally.

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海底數據中心成功減排 微軟實驗兩年 故障較陸上少

Northern Isles數據中心內置864部伺服器,經兩年多的海洋侵蝕,雖然鋼管表面長滿藻類及藤壺,但仍然運作正常。 (微軟圖片)

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如何提升編寫DNA的速度與能力,是目前合成生物學(Synthetic Biology)面對的最大樽頸。長和系創辦人李嘉誠旗下維港投資(Horizons Ventures),最新投資美國DNA合成技術初創Ansa Biotechnologies。

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原文刊於信報財經新聞「StartupBeat創科鬥室」 宜家與華碩開發的電競家具約有三十種產品。(宜家傢俬圖片) 根據2020年Newzoo全球遊戲市場報告,全球約有四分一人口(25億人)是遊戲玩家,但家居方面的需求一直被忽略。宜家

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[Press Release] Xero’s COVID-19 reports provide unique insights about impact to global small business

Hong Kong — September 15, 2020 — Xero, the global small business platform, today released two new reports highlighting the economic and emotional impact of the pandemic on small businesses across multiple countries.

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