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Steam goes to China with the help of Perfect World

Chinese publisher Perfect World is helping Valve to create Steam China, which will bring Steam officially into the Chinese market. This is a huge move that will make Steam a legit platform in the biggest gaming market on the planet.

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Facebook launches ‘Memories,’ a new home for reminiscing

Facebook today is introducing a dedicated page called “Memories,” where you can reflect on the moments you’ve shared with family and friends over the years.

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Bozoma Saint John departs Uber for Endeavor

Sources said the high-profile exec Bozoma Saint John has left Uber for Endeavor. She will become CMO there, focused on a range of creative connections between its talent portfolio and brands. The move is not surprising to many, given the changes at the company of late.

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Net neutrality is dead — what now?

As of June 11th, the legal protections against content discrimination on the internet are gone. As far as the FCC is concerned, net neutrality is dead.

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黃霑與蔡瀾 – 如何減壓及享受人生 Part 1

給特首的信:5G發展與香港競爭力 (方保僑)


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5G禁飛區迷思 (方保僑)

本文作者方保僑為香港互動市務商會會長,為《信報》撰寫專欄「科網人語」 每當談到新一代流動通訊制式5G,一般發達國家的政府及流動通訊商都會顯得很雀躍,甚至不敢有絲毫怠慢,務求趕在科技最前線,以配合智慧城

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大數據人工智能最渴市 (應科院首席科技總監楊美基)


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New Gmail design first look


Giri / Haji Helped by a young Japanese-British hustler, a Tokyo sleuth searches London for his brother, who’s involved with the Yakuza and wanted for murder.

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亞運電競 騰訊或最贏

中國隊曾在《英雄聯盟》世界頂級電競大賽中擊敗南韓奪冠(圖),他們在今年亞運會中也是摘金大熱。(新華社資料圖片) 今年夏天除了俄羅斯世界盃,還有將於印尼雅加達舉辦的亞運會。一般而言,亞運會的號召力及商

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認為新詩都是堆砌字詞,不知所云的你,看看《李天命詩集--寒武紀》,或許另有一番看法。 李天命的詩有意境、有哲趣、時而帶點詼諧,令人會心微笑,讓詩句長留心中細細琢磨,別有一番情趣。

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【欸!我已經不滿你很久了!夫妻從未說出口的難聽話!】【下】20161018 綜藝大熱門

I have got accepted and aspire to found a start-up but no funds. Should I join Founder Institute with zero funds in my pocket?

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Erdogan Joins Fight Against Uber, Saying Turkey Business Is Over

Uber Technologies Inc., which has been the subject of legal and physical battles with Turkish cab drivers, is coming under fire from the country’s president.

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Lyft Nears Acquisition of Motivate, U.S. Bike-Share Leader

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【老婆被搭訕時……心裡真的還有你嗎?】20160411 綜藝大熱門


San Francisco to Uber, Lyft: Tell us what drivers earn

Do Uber and Lyft stiff their drivers on wages? City Attorney Dennis Herrera subpoenaed the companies on Tuesday for records of driver pay and benefits, as well as their classification as independent contractors, rather than employees.

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Uber’s European rival Taxify raises $175M led by Daimler at a $1B valuation

There’s a new unicorn in the global ride-hailing space after Taxify, a startup born in Estonia that does battle with Uber across Europe and Africa, closed $175 million in new funding that takes it valuation to the $1 billion mark.

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Uber in ‘discussions’ to get Waymo self-driving cars on its network

Speaking today at the Code Conference, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi says that his company is in “discussions” to have Waymo self-driving cars added to its network.

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李綠園 on 人品


Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi says the company is on track for a 2019 IPO

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