Hong Kong Monetary Authority Advises Banks to Offer Support to Crypto Firms

// 香港敦促銀行為持牌虛擬資產公司提供服務,與美國對數字資產行業的打擊形成對比。香港金融管理局於4月27日晚發出的一份通函中表示,銀行應該支持該市受監管的虛擬資產企業“對銀行帳戶的合法需求”,該通函由副行政總裁 Arthur Yuen簽署。

Banks should support regulated virtual-asset businesses with “their legitimate need for bank accounts” in the city, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority said in a circular late on Thursday (Apr 27) signed by deputy chief executive Arthur Yuen. It’ s a stance that contrasts with a crackdown on the digital-asset sector in the US. https://www.coinspeaker.com/hong-kong-monetary-banks-crypto/ //


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