JUMPSTARTER 2023環球創業比賽正式啟動 新增生物科技及Web3.0範疇 鼓勵初創加入聯合國可持續發展目標

// 今年比賽特別鼓勵初創加入聯合國提出的「可持續發展目標」(United Nations Sustainable Development Goals)為業務方向,例如針對可持續城市和社區、負責任消費和生產、優質教育、經濟適用的清潔能源、產業創新和基礎設施

This year’s competition particularly encourages startups to adopt the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as their business direction, such as sustainable cities and communities, responsible consumption and production, quality education, affordable clean energy, industry innovation, and infrastructure. http://startupbeat.hkej.com/?p=133081 //


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