Gather Health raises USD 15M Series A financing

// 每個專屬護理團隊將包括一位初級護理提供者;一位導引夥伴提供社交支持並幫助瀏覽越來越複雜的醫療系統;以及一位醫療技術夥伴提供病人家庭訪問。 Gather 還為病人提供醫療訪問的交通,一個社區辦公室,以提供空間舉辦課程和社交活動。

Each dedicated care team will consist of a Primary Care Provider; a Guide Partner to provide social support and to help navigate the ever-complicated healthcare system; and a Medical Technician Partner to provide patients with at-home visits. Gather will also offer transportation to patients for medical visits, a neighborhood office with space for classes and social events //


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