// BioMed 創立至今與本港超過100間醫療及保健服務供應商合作,提供腸道微生物菌群DNA(脫氧核糖核酸)檢測服務。其資料庫目前有一萬多個檢測者的檔案,為香港最大規模的人類腸道微生物菌種資料庫,又計劃把研究及開發範圍擴大至包括皮膚及口腔微生物。

Since its establishment, BioMed has collaborated with over 100 medical and healthcare service providers in Hong Kong to offer gut microbiota DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) testing services. Its database currently contains profiles of over 10,000 testers, making it the largest human gut microbiota database in Hong Kong. The company also plans to expand its research and development scope to include skin and oral microbiota. //


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